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  1. Ok I have 3 trophies left to get... Judge, jury & executioner. Steven Hecks trophy. Hardcore. I started at Rome and then went to Moscow as I hear leaving steve till last helps. I killed the last boss at the mansion but usually he gives me the Surkov infor when choosing pro before then killing him. This time he never though, is this because I asked Surkov to send the info to my PDA, or can you only fight Surkov when choosing Moscow as the last city you visit?
  2. Yeah I'll deal with it when I trade the piece of **** in. Seriously man. I've come across yet another **** up. Turns out you can't just start Rome and do everything to piss Marburg off to fight him in the museum. No you have to go through the entire game using suave answers in order for him to hate you enough. In order to do this you have to look on the net to find out which spoils the story. Nice work, Obsidian. You should become known as Obsolete, which is what will happen when you keep churning **** games out that had huge potential, or wrecking other series that were great till you got you hands on them. KOTOR : Much loved game by millions until Obsidian were given a shot at and ruined it for everyone. Fallout : Great games then Obsidian go an do a KOTOR on it. Alpha Protocol : A game which could have over shadowed Mass Effect...If it was made by another dev team who actually knows how to make great games. SEGA & Obsidian = Possibly the worst combination since two girls got hold of a cup.
  3. Surprise surprise. Another missed guided trophy. Have Steven Heck at -6 animosity and no trophy popped. I then find out that you not allowed to do Taipai first. I can understand the game having bugs. But come on Obsidian, you can't even write out the trophy discriptions properly? Please stop making games, leave it to the devs who know how.
  4. Only a few trophies left to get now. Just got Thortan Inc and again the trophy description is written wrong. I had never gotten it earlier simply because I never joined Halbech, but the trophy only asks you to be liked by your enemies. All thats left is hardcore, no romance and kill every enemy which I will get in my next playthrough. As well as stealth 3 missions and the Marburg and Heck trophies. I must admit, the amount of alternate endings is very impressive.
  5. Yeah I get what you mean, But in AP, I can't rember that many sections where shadows hide your character warrent a needed feature. But it shows stealth is meaningless for this game dut to the amount of levels where the AI triggers the alarms on there own. What it should have donw was allow for every stage to allow a start and finish point for the stealth requirement trophy. Then start the end of level boss as a seperate stat section.
  6. Yeah, I think that's why I have pig problems with the game. It should have been so much more. Instead it turned out to be a huge let down. But I also have to keep going back to putting a lot of blame on SEGA. Look at the Dreamcast for example. It was way ahead of Playstation and built better too.Then there were the exclusives like Shen Mue, living proof that you can't just build an amazing game and stick it on the store shelf, you have to market the **** out of it. Instead the console and games died and SEGA went broke, and even to this day they don't know how to market there game only business. Viking : Battle for Asgard is loved by almost 90% of the people who played it, but once again SEGA put it in the shadow of a bigger released game, and Viking sold barely any for such a well made H&S title. If it wasn't for Sonic going multiplatform, I doubt SEGA would be around today.
  7. They can become your enemy through bad conversation, but they all start out as wanting to help you.
  8. Excellent response. But I need the full package when it comes to rating a game. Take L.A. Noire for example. Journalists are creaming over this game because they think its new. It has gameplay features dated even by GTA on PS2, and the whole guilty face thing is a trick that could have been done on a SNES using digitised footage with a pause gap to show a guilty look. But it sold millions due to excellent marketing. Poor AP didn't even get this to give money to make a much better sequal.
  9. You'll have to forgive me, whats C&C? As for your 'B'. No the poor gameplay doesn't stop it being an RPG, but it does stop it from having great gameplay. Which as I stated are why sales are shockingly poor...but having SEGA in your corner doesn't do you any favours either.
  10. I've done Nasri, airfield, warehouse and CIA using only takedowns or tranqs. It even gave me a perk after the CIA mission for doing 5 stealth missions. I'll use this playthrough to get Thorton Inc, but even that trophy is written wrong as it says get your enemies to like you, but then has Madison, and the rest of the women written in for that trophy.
  11. The simple fact is that you guys make the game sound great, when clearly its not. The core let down of this game is the gameplay itself. If it were much better then there would be millions praising it as they do with ME. AP has the spy story, and a pretty decent one it is to. It also has the best conversation system featured in this style of game.....and thats it. It's missing intense gameplay. There's not so much as a hint of chaos or intense moments even by the last level. The gunplay is pointless unless your shooting from an undetected distance. And I blame the gunplay system partly for the above reason. The animations look fairy dated even for a PS2 game. The graphics whilst not an important factor for an RPG, are still pretty ****e. If Madison is good looking, then Thortan must have a beer-goggle perk. So the main result is that the game is pretty poor. You guys think its amazing, I think its a decent game with hordes of potential that was not even touched. And then there's the rest of the gaming population who think its utter ****e, and its them who matter as the sales figures never lie when it comes to games.
  12. You know what you could do, rather than making a pointless post? Read the first post and realise I'm playing the game on PS3. Indeed I may be getting frustrated, but console gamers have to keep pushing their gaming skills to accomplish something, not rip open files and cheat our way through games. Sorry for the rant, I just despise PC gamers. Dabu... Checked a few more sites and it seems even the tranquilliser is a no no. Only way people are getting it is by sneaking past guards with no weapon use at all. So the trophy isn't actually bugged, but the description on the trophy is written wrong, as putting everyone to sleep seems to count as a kills???
  13. Yea, Torment is on PC. I'm not a PC gamer though. I have Xbox 360, but I played the most important titles on PC. RPGs are not necessary mainly about creating your own character from a scratch, they're also about role-playing that character, having an influence on the universe, relationship with NPCs and your reputation with them. And let's take The Elder Scrolls for an example - where do you have role-playing your character in them? Yes, of course - you can create one, choose your own gender, race and class. But what else? The only *choice* you get after that is which quest will you choose to do first. You don't *role-play* your character and it doesn't even matter who you are, what race you are, what gender you are and everything is opened to you. It's meaningless, 'cause it's all about statistics, not role-play. So, Alpha Protocol went into the opposite direction - in exchange for choosing your own gender and race it gave you possibility to have a real influence on the world and other characters. Of course you don't have to like that, but it's an RPG. I get where your coming from, but that would make every single game fit in the RPG category. As for Oblivion. It becomes roleplay when you don't stick to the main plot. The amount of ways you can roleplay in that game is amazing. AP is just a game that has a great conversation system. Everything else is linear in what it offers.
  14. Damn it! I thought take down ment don't kill anyone? The trophy discription mentions only not to kill or alert anyone. This game is just one big f'up and an unremovable stain on a played list.
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