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  1. OH, you two are absolutely right!! I just remember seeing Handmaiden in my old KOTOR2 manual (I still have it somewhere, buried deep deep in a pile of other crap) and I wondered where she went! Thanks alot! Damnit I knew that guy on Dantooine was gonna scam me for the jedi Holocron, but I did it anyway to see if it'll give me a side quest...oh well there goes 1k credits =( Enjoy the game guys Derg
  2. Title says it all... So Ive been playing through several planets already and was wondering where the sexy handmaiden is (been to Telos, Nar Shadar, and 2 other...). So I went online to check her acquisition and realized that she is one of the earliest companions you get, after the first time on Telos academy... I never got her! She is suppose to have dialogues with you before you leave (Telos) and "sneak" aboard your ship or something and have a dialogue about T3 stealing Atris's data or something...I had that conversation with T3 and Atton but handmaiden was never there. The cutscene where she goes aboard my ship I THINK played fine, also the part where she asks you about the force did not happen to me. Are there certain conditions for her to join you? Is there a way to NOT make her show up? This is kind of...annoying I was looking forward to making her a Jedi =( Any ideas? Now I cant even go back to Telos Academy... Derg
  3. can we have the specs for your computer? From the looks of it, its probably a sound hardware conflict issue...I had this happen to me with Borderlands, where my Beats Audio was interferring with my windows-installed driver. Anyway, lets have the specs please Derg
  4. Hey man, I saw your post and that it had no replies so Ill try my best to help (even though I have trouble running it as well). So, it looks like your card might be having issues, please post your specs here? Like, your computer hardware. Most importantly operating system, memory, CPU, and Graphics Card Model and VRAM. Probably a fresh driver install and patch will cure ya, unless your PC can't run this game. Good luck Derg
  5. Lol, I said Revan was a female and it didn't show in the cameos...I mean, there was nothing feminine about "him" it looks like...Revam. There are also TONs of dialogue error where they refer to Revan as "him/he" when I corrected Atton in the start. Oh well, I liked KOTOR1 alot better, KOTOR 2 has...alot of technical glitches and bugs, it detracts from the otherwise solid gameplay and great story. Enjoy guys Derg
  6. Hey Gorth, good to see this forum isn't (completely) dead...other than the random people signing up to ask a single question (like me) lol. I always wondered why Bioware isn't making a Dragonage/Mass Effect Starwars game, that would be RIDICULOUS. Then again, SW The Old Republic is coming out, too bad its an MMORPG and not a narrative like the Bioware games usually are. Well, Ill keep myself busy for 2 days then try KOTOR2 again on my more modern computer. Guess Ill stick around the forum, check back now and then. Have fun guys Derg
  7. Hello guys So, did a few tests and found out that this "black-screen 'o death" occurs also on Dantooine and Onberon (sorry about the sp), but NOT on Nar Shadaar and Korriban. Why? I have no idea, and I dont care now since my newer computer is out of repairs and will be here in about 3 days. However, I do see many other people suffering from the same problem, and no definite fix other than the "check your card, driver, Min spec, patch" bullcrap that people always say. So, if you have a fix please help some old gamers out. Thanks anyway, and hope you all enjoy this game! btw, how do I change the color of my saber? The first one I built (dont know why) was green, one I got from the dead Jedi on Korriban was yellow-double edge, and after killing fake Revan the one I got was ANOTHER yellow-double edge. I specifically said my saber was a purple-single edge, and it shows in cutscenes and Atris...do I have to find a purple-colored crystal? thats a pain...what are the chances of recieving a purple saber as a reward or drop or something? Have a nice day! Derg
  8. Hello Gorth, thanks for the reply Indeed, the buffer is turned off. I turned everything down to minimum and this problem still occurs. I read somewhere that the patches themselves could cause a problem, so I reinstalled and did not patch the game, but this problem still persists... Right after the movie finishes (of you landing on Telos) the loading screen doesn't come up, it just black screens and I can hear my computer working...after 10 minutes its still like that... Im not too familiar with the console, but can I use it to jump to different planets? Will that solve the problem? Thanks for any help! Derg
  9. Heya guys I recently sent my laptop for repair, so Im stuck with my old desktop. I was looking through my old disks and found KOTOR2, so I installed it, updated it on my old computer. Everything runs fine on Peragus, then right after the rendered cutscene of Ebon Hawk landing on Telos, the game goes to a black screen, no sound can be heard, and its just stuck there. No error messages whatsoever, had to close it with taskmanager. So, I went around and found a new driver for my graphics card (since the card was so old, it was a Catalyst driver for 3 cards built into one .exe). I install that, restart the game, now it loads past the movie, but everything is black and I can make out random textures (small) and stuff, the majority of the game isnt showing. The sound is intact and I can hear everything but the graphics are messed up. Even on the character selection screen, the 6 (right?) Jedi models are all 99% invisible other than small texture/model tears shooting off everywhere. So, what I did now is did a quicksave at Telos (since I got past the black no sound, no graphics freeze screen), then restored my PC to before the graphics driver installation. I then reinstalled KOTOR2, pasted-in my saved game, and voila, Im in Telos and all graphics are intact. I managed to finish Telos, landed on Nar Shada, then realized that after the fuel thing and killing the 2 guys for the Lieutenant guy I should go back and claim some reward. Good thing I quick-saved, because as soon as the movie of EH landing on Telos finished playing, I was treated with the black dead-screen again, with no sound and no graphics. That was a pretty thorough description right? Well, if anyone has a similar problem, can offer any kind of advice, I thank you in advance. I dont know why everywhere else is fine but Telos crashes. Is there a console command to solve this? My system: Dell Dimension 8400 (yeah, its old but Ive seen older machines run KOTOR2 no problem) Intel P4 3.2Ghz with HT ATI Radeon X300 128MB 1GB RAM, 1 DIMM Yeah, I also did messed around with the graphics options, setting AA Anis and random things on/off, turning everything to default/min. I spent alot of time getting this to work, now Im wondering if its all worth it =P Thanks all, have a good day. Derg
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