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  1. Even though Sega shot it down at the time, when the Obsidian CEO said (recently) that they would still like to make a sequel at some point, it gives us a bit better of a chance. If this game was fixed, it would definitely sell way better, and people are always curious when a sequel comes out for a game that was originally deemed, "alright". This story is top notch, it must be said. I would play AP2, no doubt, and I think it deserves a chance. Besides, with Obsidians latest projects finished already...well, I guess we'll see soon enough.
  2. Alright, typically I write large posts, but I don't really feel that its necessary here. So, I recently purchased Alpha Protocol as my friend said he bought it, and that we could try playing it together. That said, my friend is about as reliable as my mother. Which...is also very unreliable. Ultimately, I played it by myself. My first thoughts were thinking of all the reviews of how broken this game was, and I was thinking the whole time, "I want to like this game...I really do. I hope it doesn't suck? Does it really suck?" I found myself ecstatic playing it and seeing all the dif
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