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  1. I recently reinstalled KOTOR 2 and am experiencing a major problem with sound: It goes from normal volume to really quiet. I tried restarting game and problem happened again. Anything I can do about this? I have Retail 4-disc version and am running Windows 8.1 64-bit.
  2. I recently got a new computer and have game installed. It runs fine, except that the sound is low. In-game sound settings are near max and actual computer sound level is where I usually have it for games. Is this a known issue? What can be done about it? Thoughts appreciated
  3. I did that, but now game crashes when I go to load screen from main game menu (not ingame menu)... Please help...
  4. I want to try the Restored Content Mod v1.7. Should I let game update and THEN install mod? Or just install mod without the game 1.0b update? Thoughts appreciated
  5. I recently installed game, latest patch, and the RCM v1.7. Anyway, I noticed weird colors on the save/load screen and game even crashed when I tried to load a save. I am running Win 7 64-bit. Please help...
  6. I am on Onderon and am doing the quest to get that Doc out of being murder suspect. I went to cantina area and found broken droid outside, was told that there is a droid in western market area that sells stolen items and may have the head of broken droid. I cant find the droid in the western market area. Any help appreciated P.S. I have HK-47 in my party and found another HK-47 in western market area... Encountered a glitch that if I have HK-47 in party when I encounter the HK-50's, 47 leaves party every time it happens...
  7. I just finished Peragus and am on Ebon Hawk heading to Telos. Anyway, when I did the turret mini game, I noticed mouse movement was slow but keyboard arrows moved it faster. I prefer to use mouse for the turret and ebon hawk battles and I noticed in my guide that there is a ebon hawk battle just when you head to Dxun... Any way to make mouse move better/faster during these mini games? Any help appreciated
  8. Would seeing those movies this early screw up rest of game? Wondering if I should start over yet again or not to worry about it...
  9. Heavy Light side... Does doing that usually trigger those movies?
  10. I recently started a new game after installing Restored Content Mod v1.7 like it said to do and the Ravager and Visas Intro movies played just before going to room where Atton was located on Peragus. Anyway, I dont think those movies were supposed to play then. When were they supposed to play and will seeing them when I did mess my game up? Any help appreciated.
  11. I recently reinstalled game and started a new file. I am on Peragus and was unable to move after battle and cant save or access menus after movies. I am in security room and the ravager and visas movies played... were those movies supposed to happen then? I have Restored Content Mod v1.6 installed. Any help with these problems appreciated
  12. I played game a while now, over 7 hours in total... Before I installed Restored Content Mod, I encountered bugs like not being able to leave Telos Jedi Academy and another bug where game would freeze when in Nar Shadaa shops... Worried about encountering these bugs again...
  13. I recently destroyed Goto's Yacht and then met the Jedi Master thats on Nar Shadaa. Anyway after that, it seems like the game is really messed up because I encountered more HK's near the dock area and then when I got to Ebon Hawk, cant access Galaxy Map. I have Restoration Content Mod and unofficial patch 1.0c installed... anything I can do? Any help appreciated...
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