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  1. http://hardcoregaming101.net/metalgear/agnesskaku.htm "...JS: He also lives in Japan. AK: "If you ever come to town the three of us should get together." JS: That would be cool. We could all trade war stories. Do you want to share anything else? AK: "Something I do want to say is that, regarding my criticisms, I won't say my criticism comes from place of love, because I don't love Metal Gear. But Greg Egan said in one of his stories, which is rather great, and that is: 'If a medium doesn't have a language as powerful as that medium, the result is an unearned suspension of disbe
  2. Here's two guys playing Fallout: New Vegas for an hour. I think the way they play the game is probably how other people play(Not the fact that they are playing together but their expectations) . They got their partner account through IGN.
  3. ? Weren't most of those people hired simply for the DLC? (As in Bethesda game Obsidian money specifically to create the DLC)
  4. Huh? I'm sorry if I sounded condescending... Um, what I mean to say was that technologies and the legal framework already greatly facilitate the creation of a police state(at least in the US) as in the things that piss people off about Apple and Blizzard are done by many other companies. But for the most part their optional which will probably change in the future.
  5. Sigh, you need food because your body needs to feed. So if you want to live you need food, it is only instrumental to living. I though you wanted to talk economics; from your first post, and not philosophy. Okay, sorry for the misdirection. Thank you, your explanation is the one that makes more sense to me.
  6. Nu-uh!! I need food whenever I like/want it or not.
  7. Is there anything that matters more by itself, alone, the longer you have it? Hmm, Don't those things only matter more because we make them matter more?
  8. "...For Google, consumers are the product, Google sell us to advertisers, thats what Google does... they sell access to you to advertisers, Facebook does the same thing. " "Cloud computing is your data on someone elses computer" Bruce Schneier http://risky.biz/RB2-schneier http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4780331430584933656# People care about privacy but only notice its absent when someone tells them.(Thats why people bitched about Blizzard and now Apple) These things are already happening but they are still optional and people still have the choice not to use them or to secure
  9. I was thinking about this and I dont know. Stocks don't count because other people make them matter more. I was thinking of money, but that just makes other things worth less. Children/seeds/ect I guess? But thats not what I'm thinking about.
  10. Could a developer log in and tell us whats up?
  11. Most characters from Star Ocean tend to be dressed casually. Valkyrie Profile
  12. What do you mean by balance? Making sure every skill is usefull? are they meant to compliment each other or encourage specific playstyles? The frequency of how each skill is used?
  13. Maybe it depends on the genre? 3D might be a hindrance, Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 look the same.
  14. It sounds like you will need to start a new game to play the DLC.
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