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  1. All images are of course copyright Tre Manor / Red Box Games. All images are my own original designs sculpted by me.
  2. Hello, new user here. I am VERY excited by Obsidian's newest project Dungeon Siege. I am long time wannabe artist. Way back in teh early days of Xbox I had the notion to become a digital artst- taught myself to use Wings 3d fairly well and experimented a lot with the original Z brush. Eventually life got in the way, my first son was born and I got busy being a Dad and my dreams kind of went by the wayside. I later discovered table top miniatures and fell in love with that creative process. I have been working professionally in that indsutry for the past 3 1/2 years, 2 of those operatign my own independant line of figures under the company name " Red Box Games ". I have never lost the dream of gettign into video game development, btu it has certainyl been a back burner kind of passion. Anyway logn story short, I am wonderign if it is possible to get into character design WITTHOUT havign a degree or industry experience. I am NOT lazy or unmotivated, I just prefer to work with what I have if I can or to find out PRECISELY what I need. I suppose noen of this is worthwhile without showing what I can do with the skills I DO have so..............
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