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  1. It's Dragon Age with TB. Not for me, but I'm sure many will enjoy it. Oh well.. thursday's over, and so is the presentation. Some other time maybe.. J
  2. Well.. looks a bit like the IE games..
  3. I think TB is a bit too niche, especially if they're going for the big Diablo / WoW -bucks, and it's going to be a co-op multiplayer thing on Google Stadia etc. Hoping for RTwP.
  4. Hmm.. some news next week it seems.. www.youtube.com/watch?v=maijYOOO-pE
  5. I think it's wonderful that BG3 is set in King's Landing. Can even hear Drogon's rattling breath in the background. And to see Ned Stark again. The transformation into Bhaalspawn mindflayer wasn't quite GoT CGI-level though.. More like 1992 Braindead. I'm excited. J.
  6. Trump is perfect.. after a few years, even Cotton Eye Joe will be begging for another politically correct Washington puppet.
  7. This one sums it up nicely..
  8. It's not the parliament's fault if people don't know what they're voting for? You do know how a democracy works, right? The people vote for someone to represent them. You think it's a good idea to have a few elitists, representatives from the big corporations and bankers get together to rule the "serfs"? You should read some history. This has happened before.. a few times. The fact that the election process in the UK sucks marginally more doesn't mean the EU travesty shouldn't be ended as soon as possible. Anyway, the people have started to speak up, and the reactions in Brussels to this resounding display of democratic power is.. frowning, and irritation. Amazingly immature. That in itself should tell you a few things about these lizards. And the Lisbon Treaty.. You think these people introduced the idea of a European constitution in order to give the people more power? And when the people exercise their democratic rights and say no, the Commission tells them they're mistaken, and then they go on with their backup plan and implement it anyway? That's a good one.. X - "Hey, Im'm here to empower you, you ignorant populist" Y - Thanks, but no thanks. I don't want anything from you. X - Sure you do. You don't know what you're doing. We'll put this to the vote. Y - Votes no. X - You're mistaken! I'm here to give you more democracy! Y - Uh? X - I will now implement the legislation anyway, since you don't know what's best for you. Y - Wait, what!? X - We have overruled your referendum, and crippled your democracy, in order to give you more democracy. Our.. kind.. of democracy. Y - Oh gee.. thanks a bunch. ----------- "If governments allow themselves to be entirely bound to the decisions of their parliament, without protecting their own freedom to act, a break up of Europe would be a more probable outcome than deeper integration." - Mario Monti. That's a cute one. He's basically saying, we won't let democracy get in the way of our grand project. Noone. ever. voted. for. political. intergration. These people stink, and if you can't smell it.. well, it doesn't matter. It'll be over pretty soon. Europeans are immunized against tyranny after centuries of suffering. The only ones who don't get it are a few deluded elitists and newly educated poli sci majors. J.
  9. When did you vote for Szydło? Never. When did you vote for any specific government minister or bureaucrat? Never.But you voted for PiS (or another party) that got the majority and therefore usually confirms the Prime Minister. The election of Juncker worked exactly the same way. The large political parties in Europe ran with Juncker, Schulz, etc. as their top candidates for the job, and because the EP has to confirm anyone appointed as president of the Commission, the candidate of the majority got the job. That works almost exactly as it does in Poland. So - everyone who voted in the last EP elections voted for the Commission president, as well. For the rest, see Elerond's post above. Those who voted in the European election did so to choose their MEP, not the president. Few knew Juncker was in the "race". According to some polls in Germany two weeks before the election, 7% could identify Juncker as the center-right's leading candidate. About 10% of Europe voted for the center-right parties backing Juncker, and the process leading up to Juncker's "election" as the EPP's candidate was pretty shady. He got less than half of the votes, and there's no list of who the delegates were or how they voted. In the end you ended up with one name on the ballot paper. The EU trying to present a facade of democracy. The EU Parliament is the only parliament in the western world which can't introduce legislation. They don't even debate the legislation put forth by the Commission. Good ol' Sovjet times.. Did you know Barroso used to be a hardcore commie? As for all the good they've done. The Euro? Massive unemploymency. Stealing money from people's bank accounts. Got an account in a bank in Cyprus? Better check if it's all there. Did you vote for Mario Monti? Goldman Sachs now conquering Europe as their technocrats ascended to the prime ministership in Italy.. with the help of the good old commies in the Commission of course. Ireland was the only country to put the Lisbon Treaty to a public vote, and it was rejected. Of course Barroso couldn't handle that, and a year later they had to have a new vote, to give the Irish a chance to "correct their mistake". A few years ago when Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg was told by Eurosceptics that the EU was planning to create an EU army, he snickered and rejected it as a dangerous fantasy. Now it's all over the news. EU army. And they want to meddle in Ukraine and start provoking Putin. Yeah.. this sounds good. I suppose you voted for all of this. No? J.
  10. I have also always find it is excellent way to stand up against unelected bureaucrats and megalomaniacs, by changing them to another group of unelected bureaucrats and megalomaniacs PS. I always wonder why people bother to put unelected before bureaucrats, as bureaucrats by their nature are unelected First of all, you stand up to someone, not against them. Second - it is absolutely necessary to emphasize that they are unelected, as the technocrats of the EU act as elected rulers. J. All the people in EU that have political power are elected. Don't trust your high-school teacher.. J.
  11. I have also always find it is excellent way to stand up against unelected bureaucrats and megalomaniacs, by changing them to another group of unelected bureaucrats and megalomaniacs PS. I always wonder why people bother to put unelected before bureaucrats, as bureaucrats by their nature are unelected Well, technocrats. But the bureaucrats of the EU tend to act as elected rulers as well. J.
  12. Congratulations Britain.. Standing up to unelected bureaucrats and megalomaniacs is always the right thing to do. J.
  13. Was going to give you a chance to be mature and let someone else have the last word for a change. But I suppose it's naive to hope for something like that, especially considering the previous two-page mudslinging contest. If I tried to preach Christianity while criticizing BD sjws, I might be a hypocrite. As someone who reads the Bible when he's drunk in a motel room however, I doubt I qualify. Entertainers have always been praised for their activism, but they've also been criticized for it. Plenty of precedence for both praise and criticism. Many people agreed with Clapton when he said he was tired of listening to Bono's grandstanding. That make Clapton a hypocrite? Hardly. Suggesting that Scott's writing has value because someone dismisses her efforts out of hand.. Heh, is this one of those "if you don't like it young man, we'll keep shoving it down your throat 'till you do" - things? I agree. What a waste. Abuse good ol' BG like that just to piss people off. The way I see it, the sjws can't make a dent in the ugly macho titles mentioned by Hurl, so when they finally get a chance to tear something up, they go full retard and find sexism even in two-line Safana characters. J.
  14. Come on. I agree with many of the reviews given by the GG guys, but endemic, leukemia and conspiracy? And you accuse me of dramatizing? Otherwise you're right. It's all in the eye of the beholder. It's like Koveras giving you a +1 defence ring. When you realize it's from him, it's no longer a present, but an insult. As I mentioned a few pages back, I'm more preoccupied with the authors' intent than the actual material. Trying to understand art without knowing who the artist is? I suppose some people might read the Bible as an historical tale and learn certain things from it, but when you understand where the author is coming from, that's when you really understand what's being said. Try not to understand the author, and you end up with people like the Creationists, who think the devil interfered with God's work and placed dinosaur bones in the ground to confuse us. After reading a few interviews, I decided I didn't like the author very much, and consequently her jokes are less funny. To me. It seems hundreds of fans agree. Are we all deluded? A couple of hacks who want to cash in on a 20 year old franchise, who makes the game look worse than it was 20 years ago, who are preachy and lofty, mediocre writers, and deletes criticism. And Grommie wants to support them, cause he feels fans are unfair. J.
  15. I have a hard time imagining circumstances where it would be necessary to exclude it. I agree with this sentiment, there is no reason to not make games more inclusive where applicable If you two geniouses think adding animations of men passionately making love to hairy male fantasy-dwarves belong in any entertainment product, you have serious mental issues, and should be shipped off to the nearest psych ward immediately. You honestly believe Bioware is doing the gay community a favour by adding bizarre mockery like that? You think stuff like that is art on par with Priscilla the Desert Queen, Brokeback Mountain or My private Idahoe? You guys from Cleveland or something? You want your twelve year old sitting there watching that stuff? Maybe Canadian computer geeks *have* taught me something valuable, namely how much I disagree with their utterly misunderstood political correctness. Did anyone read the open letter from a trans woman to Amber? That should be enough to silence most sjws. "as for conspiracy, am pretty sure that it is a secret that developers is using bg style expansions to teach kids values. is a secret that only j is aware o'." So who are they preaching to then? You? They've already stated they're proud to add sjw stuff. I'd hate to think they did it to teach the fans from the nineties anything. Those guys are in their late thirties by now. And yes, you're absolutely right, I'd probably see the goblin joke as trivial - funny even - if the whole project didn't have that preachy feel to it. Anyway, probably best to stop before this devolves into two pages with Hiro-Gromnir you-said I-said monstrosity. J.
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