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  1. An engine which is less demanding imho. Start from scratch, focus heavily on animation. A bit more minimalistic, something that gives you more control. The NWN2 engine has a click'n_sit_back_and_behold_what_happens feel to it. I'd need better response-time and less graphics-fireworks from spells etc. to feel thoroughly immersed. Sometimes, less is more. N.
  2. The other way around? NWN2 <- 1. Or I guess it's heresy to say that around here uh? hear, all ye good people, hear what this brilliant and eloquent speaker has to say! N.
  3. Mongol, at the Arclight. Get a tequila @ the bar first. N.
  4. Is Onyx a party-based or a 1'st person viewer engine? If it turns out that OE develops a new and much smoother engine than NWN2's KotOR-core engine, an engine you'd much rather work with over a period of time, would you consider creating a new D&D crpg or a series of "upgraded" NWN2 modules with such an engine? Or is that outside the.. realms of possibility? N.
  5. Then I shudder to think how and why they managed to make Aurora look so much like the KotOR core, and why all the emotions, animations etc. are all gone or made worse. After all, noone would deliberately worsen the animations and make a game much more hardware-demanding if they reused an old engine for a new game. N.
  6. NWN Aurora was beautiful. Good animations, lots of avatar-emotions and socials. NWN2 seems to be based on the KotOR engine. Char creation, item creation, work-bench, components, auto-rez'ing, animations (or lack of such), all KotOR, no? N.
  7. The nwn1 cam was good. They should've just used the nwn1 cam, and added more zoom-out. And it would have to zoom out automatically as well, as you walk up and down roads, so you don't have to manually adjust it (maybe they fixed that already. Haven't played nwn2 since I shelved it 3 days after release). Then if we could choose to remove the circle-markers around the avatars and all the spell-effect-graphics, it might've been a decent tactical-squad-based d&d game where combat was interesting and immersive. I'll get MotB some day.. when it hits the bargain-bin and the game has been patched a few years. N.
  8. RT = twitchfest <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ok, I'll settle for RT with pause, and a kiss.. "
  9. Bono. He should stick to singing, and stop pretending to be a politican.
  10. I'm hungry for some IE goodness.. *sigh* :">
  11. Do you speak for Walsingham? Or yourself? You wander into the discussion like a child and start replying to questions not directed to you. Btw, provocation =/ pissing contest. I just wanna see how well Wals actually applies Bushido to his life. I wrote a longer post on the last page, and the only reply I got was a two-liner from Wals, proclaiming that he'd rather practice the Way of the Samurai, because he wants to combat fear instead of sitting in some monestary. In the face of ignorance like this I can't help but provoke a little, not to ridicule, but to see how well the guy in question actually applies Bushido. Happy? Anything else you wanna know? N.
  12. Just out of curiosity, how do you (you personally) practice to learn to truly accept death? Do you believe that by adopting some philosophical viewpoint you'll learn to transcend your fear of dying? N.
  13. No, but very few realize that. N.
  14. Yeah.. that's what I thought too, 20 years ago when I was a teenage-mutant ninja turtle like the rest of you. There are many ways to achieve fearlessness, but I seriously doubdt some self-appointed US Sword teacher is gonna succeed in getting you there. Bushido might have been a way of life in medieval Japan - today it caters to spotty teens with self-esteem problems. Mostly. N.
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