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  1. After playing the demo for several lengthy times now, trying out some of the things I've learned here (Thank you) the game is a bit more manageable and actually enjoyable to some degree. The major reservation and holdup for me now ( as long as editing keybinding is actually patched in) is the controls using the mouse & keyboard atm The biggest being that if you choose to play using WASD then many funtions are simply too cumbersome and basically impossible to play effectively. Like trying to use "Empowered Abilities"...if I'm using WASD with my left hand to move my character a
  2. Yea just learned that Abilities are linked to "Stances" thus the reason I could never link my 3rd Ability under normal conditions...needed to be using "Block" for it to show up lol That was my bad I guess. Though they really need a better tutorial/demo....there is a serious lack of explanation on many of the game's functions and gameplay...and not even a list (that i could find) of what the current/static/default key-mapping is set to. That said, not sure I like depending on my health through "Abilities" rather than just managing my character's actions better and using pots when
  3. I believe the coming patch (PC) will address this...from what I read. Let's HOPE!!! Regards
  4. better than 2 world 2 ? I disagree with you on that because that game have a big open world , no linear quest , a lot of customization ...the only weak point i guess is the story , VA, few MP maps and that you can't campaign co-op. IMO. Two worlds 2 is very linear for a open world game. Most caves and dungeons, u cant even enter before u have a quest there. Plus it has horrible dialogue. DS3 Is way better. This is now my favourite ARPG on the 360 Playing Two Worlds 2 atm as well and have to say I disagree. It's quite a good game imo. I like the openness of the areas, eve
  5. Agreed I thank you (and all) for your suggestions and guidance I will take some more time with the demo and see how it plays with these factors in mind. Then if we're able to re-map the controls then there might be another side to this coin Regards
  6. Well, there seems to be quite a few areas of the gameplay mechanic that wasn't immediately obvious to me. Sorry for my apparent lack of full understanding. The above suggestions and insight does make sense and would definitely help, and yes I only played Lucas...I don't remember seeing his "focus" diminishing in the course of fighting that I was actively needing to pay real attention to the blue orbs... Perhaps I'll download the demo again and try it with the new clues. Thanks for the posts & help! Regards
  7. Not a "rant" per-say...just wanted to share why I decided this game just isn't for me, sadly. Just played the demo...and now cancelled my pre-order with STEAM. It seriously sucks to see that all the elements are "there" that could of made a fun, perhaps even kick ass ARPG. But the way they put it all together is abysmal (well guess that's kind of ranty lol sorry). Playing the game on the pc with keyboard felt like trying to walk through water lol As far from user friendly and intuitive as one could almost get imo But that did become somewhat better after a fairly lengthy t
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