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  1. Has there been said whether the PC version will support couch co-op?
  2. Will there be romances and love interests in Dungeon Siege 3 ? (like in NwN2, Alpha Protocol, Mass Effect, Dragon Age etc)
  3. What I mean by the topic is, will it be heavily story based with choices and consequences, or will it be a brainless repetitive hack n slash game with barely a story ? (I hate the latter type of games like Diablo and Titan Quest) I read some previews, and it said there'll be choices, but will it be heavily story based ? I know Dungeon Siege 1 and 2 are a lot like Diablo, so will this be different ?
  4. It was all Sega's fault, they didn't give Bugsidian enough time, only 5 years Just like how it was LucasArts fault KOTOR2 was unfinished And how it was Atari's fault NWN2 was one of the buggiest games ever And how it will be Bethesda's fault New Vegas will be buggy It was never Bugsidian's fault, it's always the publisher
  5. It sounds like you haven't played much of the game, wait till you get to Moscow
  6. In APInput.ini (My Documents\Alpha Protocol\APGame\Config) there's a: [Engine.Console] ConsoleKey=Tilde but I haven't been able to enable it By editing APLevelChart.ini you can change how much XP is needed for gaining a level and how much AP you gain, but adding too much AP will make enemies super strong (they kill you in two hits) Anyone found any cheats that work ok ?
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