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  1. What would your thought be if Project Etnerity had both a normal and a hardcore mode, kinda like Fallout New Vegas. The normal mode would be lax on the subject of money where as the hardcore mode would be very tight ? I can understand that people who want to play the game but not spend 40+ hours finding every gold coin to buy that special sword they found on a vendor 2 hours into the game. On the other hand I would love a game where I would have to be clever with my money to make it last. So maybe the best choice is to let the player choose ?
  2. After playing some Baldur's Gate (Got an itch from seeing the kickstarter for Project Eternity) , I found myself ponder the concept of money and what it was really worth. I have often found myself in a situation where I would have so much money and nothing to spend it on. I always found it annoying when I have wealth, but couldnt do anything with it. I thought why couldnt a game have corruption, so I could buy influence and alter decisions in the world I was. I also wanted to be able to own stuff, kinda like in GTA where in some of the games you were able to buy businesses and earn a profit from them. I felt that this would give the player a tighter bond with the game. So now I am wondering what are your thoughts on the subject. I have made a poll and hope that people will not only vote, but also explain why.
  3. What are your opinion on the companion as a questgiver ? I remember in Baldur's Gate 2 I had to have several people in my party throughout the game to complete the different tasks. Is this something that people feel was a good choice ? Personally I like it somewhat since it gave me a reason to switch companions and try new ones out. I often tend to get attached to companions and if there is a limit I then just keep who I have with me. Knowing that I could get a new questline or discover something previously hidden is a good motivation. Also what are your thoughts on a limit for how many companions you can have at a time ?
  4. Not as far as I know PsychoBlonde. This is just a thread for people to think about what they would like and how it could be implemented.
  5. I totally want this as well. Generally speaking, I want a good variety of companions, both in terms of personality and morality. I loved the talking sword in Baldur's Gate 2, so a companion could also be an item like weapon,armor or a fuzzy puppet.
  6. I always liked that in Baldur's Gate your companions could end up leaving your party because your reputation was too low or too high. I would love to see something like that in this game also. A system where a companion can decide to leave the player or even attack them, if the player does something that differs completely from the morals of the companion
  7. So after seeing the tweet about Project Eternity hitting 1.8 mil on Kickstarter I asked if the new companion had already been decided. This was Obsidians response. So now I am here, and I am personally voting for Claptrap from Borderlands fame as our new Companion. On a more serious note I would like a companion that has some serious flaw in their personality, like kleptomania or schizophrenic. The player would be force to take a stance and make choices about how tolerant they are. The companions in many games are just an extra damage dealer and occasional questgiver. I would like something which more enriching for the game and gives the companion itself more soul and sense of being a real person with real flaws. What would you like to see and why ? Let your voice be heard and lets help obsidian make an awesome companion for the game.
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