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  1. The World of Darkness MMO sounded kinda interesting, before it got shelved...But an MMO certainly isn't anything I would want Obsidian to work on..
  2. I dislike the way romances were implemented, most often you could finish the game before you even had the chance to get halfway through it. But also the randomness of companion/npc quests in general were kinda annoying at certain occasions. Like doing Edwins quest in front of a Dragon for example.... Dragon: Oh hey there! Don't mind me, just finish your conversation...I can wait^_^
  3. Does Sawyer hate the Timestop spell? =P Just notice it's been absent in most of the games he's worked on.
  4. How much would the Arcanum license be worth at this point anyway? Uhm if anyone has a fair estimate.
  5. I've grown fond of nwn 2 over the years, despite all the problems people have with it. And some modders have redone certain textures in the game, improving the look in general.
  6. Playing ''chess'' in durlags tower was fun, but overall it's not something I had a fun experience with..So tedious and generally uninteresting story there. I also remember being annoyed at how terribly linear the entire quest was at the end of it all, granted this was bg 1 so branching wasn't all that big yet..but still.
  7. Hmm I wonder was the Death Godlike designed specifically for the rogue class in mind? In terms of best synergy and so on. Or can you make it work with other classes as well? Not that I'm going to pick my race and class based on that anyway, just curious.
  8. Since when has Obsidian ever done anything like that in the past? The godlike are looking good and I'm glad they are going for something unique as well, instead of just plain fire, earth and air.
  9. Definitely Canon companions, I'm not sure my party would feel alive otherwise. It's sort of like sitting around a campfire telling stories to a bunch of lifeless puppets you brought along as company. Besides that there's also something rather fun in making seemingly subpar npcs, useful through tinkering with items and party positioning. There's a bit of an added challenge in that by itself imo.
  10. ^I don't think he counts or Jan Jansen would have to be included as well:P But yeah I loved all the ones in the OP and it's an untapped setting so I see no problem with including one or two.
  11. When I think of Obsidian expansion pack, I think of Mask of the Betrayer and that was absolutely wicked. I can't say much about Storm of Zehir, but it didn't sound like my cup of tea so I skipped it. I might play through it at some point, when I have the patience. Tales of the Sword Coast is alright, but was it something you felt compelled to go through more than once?=P Durlags Tower was a bit of a bitch imo^^
  12. I hope there will be a few easter eggs, like the golden, silver, bronze pantaloon from BG1-BG2: Throne of Bhaal. Although I'm pretty sure I won't discover that at first.
  13. Hmm I kinda like finding certain magical weapons with unique characteristics. Certain on hit abilities I'd like to be out of the players league, and therefore not attainable through crafting etc. But that's just me.
  14. How is the relationship(if any) between Obsidian and Bioware employees anyway? No particular reason, just curious.
  15. Around 27:00 when Avellone is talking about how they don't want to make any crazy changes to the world, I got a little curious. Does this exclude the possibility of any sort cataclysmic event in the future of the setting? Or could that be subject to change in possible future releases? ?
  16. Is there a mechanic in which firearms can critically fail and explode? Think I heard of a few incidents where that's happened, due to poor maintenance or construction of the gun, in history. I don't know how common it was though. I don't know, just seemed like a cool thought at the time.
  17. I think the environments age very well in IE games compared to NwN, which used a 3D engine. And I sincerely hope they keep with the Isometric design in future sequels. Considering the kickstarter was a massive success, then obviously the times haven't left it behind..
  18. Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines gave you the ability to play as malkavians, so more or less a crazy character. All the dialogue was unique and hilarious, but it's seriously some of the most fun I've ever had. I have my doubts that something like that could work with Eternity, but it would be awesome and probably very difficult to implement:P
  19. In terms of characters and story, probably what I've been expecting from the start. An IP where the dev team can go wild with whatever they wish, without restrictions from publishers and so on.
  20. Class specific Monk. I was hoping the class would be closer to how it was in BG2. Weak at lower levels, but with very good magic resistance at higher levels...=)
  21. I'm also fine with just sticking my head in once in a while, if there's an update cool, if not well it doesn't bother me that much. I wonder how the development cycles for Planescape Torment and Baldur's Gate, felt for the devs involved, compared to nowadays.
  22. If I recall correctly, there wouldn't be restrictions on race, alignment or class in regards to who could wield them. That's a thing I will miss personally=P Although I never play Paladins, thus I could never use Carsomyr, but pff there were plenty of other interesting items.
  23. Who has the Arcanum license presently anyway? Heh...Maybe Kickstarters success shines some light on a sequel being funded? Ah well.. one can dream
  24. I would say skip BG enhanced edition and just play BG tutu, much better and stable overall. Wrong section and all, but meh.. I suppose the thread could just be moved? Instead of all this hostility^^
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