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  1. Heard about this game recently and decided to make a forum account to get other peoples opinions about it. im very dissapointed in the fact that they are making an "infinity engine style" game. i dont understand the logic behind this decision to take such a large step back in game design(cost i guess is the only reason i can think of). i think gaming is so far past this kind of game,that many players wont give it a second look. im a long time obsidian fan and iv played many of their games and i would hate to see this project fail because of the antiquity of the design. i dont think that there are many players in todays gaming landscape that will tolerate this outdated design,no matter how good the story/characters/world are. i just dont think the isometric view was one of the reasons people loved the baulders gate/planescape/nevewinter nights games,it was an aspect that was simply tolerated due to the technological limitations of the time,and now that we are so well advanced in that aspect,i think very few will want to go back. heres hoping this project has enough success to open the door for obsidian to create a more modern game,with this new world and lore as a base. i dont see this ever standing up to the mass effects and KOTOR's of the world. but i wish them the best of luck and hope for better in the future .
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