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  1. Hello this is happened to me too. I have version 2.03 installed with the white march. I see the posts here are from july! what's the final answer? To me it started happening when I faced that boss in od caua level 9. Now after loading any savegame the issue persists. Enemies never attack and my characters attack only if I click the attack button in the pane Also when the bug started it was not all my party nor all the enemy: first it was only my main character would not attack nor get attacked, healing effects would heal enemies and party members (as if all were allied) Please dont
  2. Seriously you tell me this is bugged? What a letdown. I god some wizard jailed and 1 day passed, puf, prision break. I have only 2 hirelings and i dont remember how low the security, but I havent played much. 1 day is nothing! what , was I supposed to delay the encounter? This needs polishing
  3. I tried that, it doesn't add the bonus. At least on patch 1.03 (didnt play since patch 1.04) I'm playing druid as main character, on level 6 now. I actually built around shapeshifting, it's an amaua 19 might beast, catform to maximize attacks. Early game: Grazes were klling enemies ..... who cares about the short duration? Level 5-6: Im not shapeshifting anymore. The spells are a lot more useful and needed, while the accuracy of shapeshift remains low. But the worst part I'm encountering it's the fact that DR does not scale. The druid has a very poor endurance and deflecti
  4. Is it still the case? Even if it doesnt split the damage in the log, well.. It says for example "XX slashing damage" which isnt true if there's elemental damage in it
  5. Hello, I played a good hour yesterday, the game seems awesome. But already I had minor bugs and glitches. I activated my key from GOG.com Does anyone know, how the patching will work? I know stems does automatically but with GOG.. what do I need to do?
  6. Before you frantically dismiss my little question ! Consider: I just want to know what the general feeling towards real time - pause is. Second, we all know that in terms of money making and popularity the way to go is fast paced MMO's :/ .. which would never bring another Baldur's gate Playing the BB..was it not the feeling that something is really lacking to make the combat really impressive? I mean honestly as excited as I am to see this game come true, I can't help to feel that combat won't be anything exceptional. Even with polished animations and very flashy spells.. would
  7. Arc is nice, but now that ToEE was mentioned.. I hated how long that animation took! How about taking advantage of the short range , no arc, with a super fast animation of the projectile? I mean, the arrow should be 5x faster and change the shooting sound and hitting sound? Maybe for CBows could be even more exagerated? Yeah, but half your monitor now was probably off the screen somewhere when BG came out. Well that's true but if we can play today in such high beautiful resolution.. why design games following 18 year old standards?
  8. Actually I want the fighter and at least one other class to be "boring". One of the things I love about D&D games (and very similar ones like, say Drakensang -dark eye system-) is that IT IS NOT DIABLO/WoW! To me WoW and diablo -while different between them- represent the evolution of Rpg games from their core to a popular 50 million selling machine. They are great successes, like best seller books. I read a couple of bestsellers in my life, and will never do again . I don't want popular One of the elements that those games added to the formula is that all classes are the same
  9. Is it too late to add my bit? Boss fights are ok, and stumbling upon them works as well fine. What I don't like is that weird obsession about getting every item as if you couldn't just open a console if you really really wanted them. I like to (and would like players) to compromise. I mean that you either get one legendary item or the other, not just once in the game. Something like you have defeated that terrible boss who sinks slowly in the lava with that axe + 5 in his left hand and that poisoned rapier +4 on his right.. you rush to him eyes shining in green but your one hand
  10. I am amazed by the answer from zwiebelchen, I didn't know Warcraft III was moded like that. Recently I played Duke nukem 3d with mods -which I think are fan made- and the game is simply a different one. The argument of backgrounds is.. well.. as zwiebelchen said, a matter of tools. Good tools will allow artist to get recognition, and make them want to. Besides, just consider the project http://www.gemrb.org/wiki/doku.php?id=start where I contribute. The images are taken from your original, legally owned IE game, and made playable using SDLII (and that's just a bad option today),
  11. Hello, I just backed this project yesterday it seems exciting. I had a look at the updates and the forum and found a lot going on but one thing I didn't find: mods. So the question is will there be ease and tools to create user mods? What I thinking of is neverwinter nights, a game that has so much user generated content that is even in some cases better than the original/expansion. If this game manages to set a new mark I think that will be a major thing, years could pass and we can just add more to the game
  12. I am just backing now, I can't believe phrase "Get Pillars of Eternity's first expansion pack for a special discount!" , I mean there is absolutely no information about it , no scope, no expected date.. but there is a price and even the keyword: first. If it wasn't obvious that there's an intention of milking out the project as much as possible I'd say they did this to see what we speculate here in the forums
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