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  1. On Windows 7, 64 bit Books can be dragged from side to side but can't be dragged up and down the screen to be read. Which means you can end up with only a tiny section of the book showing at the bottom of the screen as shown below. Notes/letters are still able to be dragged up and down as before.
  2. Please don't pay too much attention to the stats. I have horrible memories of EA using Dragon Age:Origin stats to justify 'streamlining' the sequels. It could be that people like me have restartitis. Or people got bored or stuck somehow in the second act. Or it could be that many people don't care about achievements and have used a cheat that disables them - indeed there have been a few threads on the Steam forums where people have had to use cheats to get past a bug in the game. If you must pay attention to stats at least give it a few years rather than a few weeks.
  3. The atmosphere of that entire area is great. The visuals - the music. I found that watching the kelp floating on the water in that area was mesmerising and stood staring at it for a good few minutes.
  4. Thank you very much for working over Easter weekend to sort this. Kudos.
  5. I'd prefer they stick to 2D. It's more pleasing to (my) eyes By the time they work on Pillars 2, this engine would (hopefully) be freed from most of its kinks. Keep Pillars 2D, kickstart a new space cRPG i.p. in 3D
  6. Pretty much the only way I played through all of that game. And yes, I can't wait for the PoE expansion.
  7. Not really a valid option is it? Forcing people to go into offline mode (Negating the use of the social aspect of Steam) in order for games not to patch is just silly. I don't know when or why Valve removed the option to not apply a patch, but it was a silly, silly change. Unfortunately people forget that they have set their games to not apply patches and then get irate thinking bugs havn't been fixed when they have - start creating irate forum threads and support tickets blaming the devs etc. It can become a huge hassle for the devs and Valve so I can see why they would change it back What a some independent devs do now is to release their patches first to test as an open beta - people who don't mind testing them out then opt into the beta program for the game (in the steam client, right click on the game, select properties, select beta tab, opt into beta), and if the patch breaks something significant the gamer can opt out again and go back to the pre-patched version.
  8. CTRL+H removes all hud elements and CTRL+H twice puts them back for me. I don't have the IE mod.
  9. You already can delete - double click on the note that you want to delete then select the Delete button on your keyboard. A popup comes up asking if you really want to delete, Accept and note is deleted.
  10. You don't mention if you have tried Verifying integrity - if you havn't already tried it - in the steam client, right click on the game in your library list, select properties in the dropdown list then in the local files tab select Verify integrity of game cache.
  11. I wonder if that is why my hirelings constantly show as not getting paid, despite the fact that the log says they just got paid. Also put me down as another who has sent companions on several adventures now and had an empty treasury when the log says there should have been something in there.
  12. Last night i fell asleep in front of my PC while playing - from continuing to play for hours when I should have gone to bed... so yeah. Love the game.
  13. I would like something like this but while travelling long distances - no fighting because random fights when your party is low on spells/food/rest are a pita and not fun. More like some random encounters such as troubadours, refugees, farmers, travelling merchents. People taking advantage of the fact that you have cleared maps/roads and who might tell you gossip which points to quests you might have missed in areas where you have already been or hints of quests from areas you have not been to yet. Or just give you the option of being able to buy the items you need from a travelling merchant instead of having to continue to trek to the nearest town/village for supplies. Random encounters to give the world the illusion of more life basically, as currently it seems that you can travel for days across the map in game without interruption.
  14. Haven't even started yet really beyond claiming the keep. Having too much fun doing quests in Defiance at the moment.
  15. I also love this system - it allows you to enchant weapons/armour specifically to deal the best damage/protect against the attacks of certain enemies. You are not stuck hoping that you find some random piece of magical weaponry/armour with the effects that you need. I would much rather have that then have to go look up spoilery guides on the net to find out where I can find some magical doodad of whatever that will make a hard fight easier.
  16. Keep bug? I just got there, what's this bug? Sorry I meant the Raedric's Hold bug when doing the Lord of a barren land quest. There have been a lot of reports of people either getting stuck in the hold unable to get out or unable to get back in and although there is a workaround of deleting certain files some people have continued to have problems going other places afterwards so i just havn't done that quest in the first place as it doesn't seem to stop you from advancing the main story. Hopefully Obsidian will release a fix before I finish the game
  17. You learn about each creature every time you fight them and the information appears in your Cyclopedia (press J to bring up the journal and it's on the menu). So your first fight against a creature can be pretty hard though you get hints from the party if things are not working. Check your Cyclopedia after and you should get an idea of what will work better next time. Edited because I didn't read the question properly. Not sure about debuffs/buffs from effects during battle.
  18. I also was lucky enough to only drag and drop weapons - I also heard about the Raedric's Hold bug before going there. So I'm just ignoring that quest for now and pushing on. I've completed Act I and am adventuring in Defiance. Loving it so much!
  19. In the menu->auto-pause section, uncheck everything except pause at combat start. Enjoy.
  20. I have it in quickslots - scout and have my party eat if necessary when I know there is a big fight round the corner.
  21. While you can't make notes on the map, there is a notes section where you could put some reminders to the right of the menu that comes up when you open the journal.
  22. If you are still having problems try following these instructions 1. In the Steam client library section, deselect all of the DLC for the game 2. Then select any non ingame DLC just to see if it makes a new folder. 3. After selecting the first dlc look at the bottom of your steam client where it shows completed downloads and keep in mind that the the guides may take time to completely download 4. Go to your Pillars of Eternity installation folder to check to see if the download completed then repeat the above with all of the DLC and wait for the download to complete for each one.
  23. The first thing I do for every RPG with limited inventory space whenever possible is download a bag of holding style mod as soon as it becomes available.
  24. "damn that shoved it back into stash" *drags food stack out of stash for the x00th time*
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