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  1. Did I miss something in the instruction manual that tells you this, or is it just something that someone had to trial and error to find out?
  2. Oh yeah, I remembered some weird thing happend when I used it. When I edited the title of the note on the note page, the curser in the title bar ended up showing, but not blinking, on all the other info pages, like Blind and other afflictions. Also couldn't type more than a few letters before it'd popup an error that I couldn't use that keybind. Restarting seemed to work. But back on topic! I mean, I can kinda see the reason why you can't delete, since it's suppsed to be in-character journal, but really, I'm just using it to remember that I need to come back to a location with some tool. For now, I'm just using a notepad file on my desktop.
  3. It'd be nice if there were an option to delete old notes you no longer need in the journal notes section.
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