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  1. You can lower the resolution and the graphics settings....other than that, that's it.
  2. The minimum recommended Nvidia card is the 9600 GT. I am not very familiar with integrated cards but my initial guess would be probably not.
  3. Has anyone tried this on a SSD vs a HDD? I think after this playthrough I will reinstall the game on my SSD to see if that makes a difference.
  4. I had something odd happen after about a 5-6 hour session last night. I got a "windows is running low on memory error". I ran Memtest successfully and ran a couple of other games to see what happened and they ran fine. Weird.
  5. If you're trying to tank, you'll get hit more than you should, if you're trying for damage, you'll be fairly indifferent at it. Pick one and stick to it. Also, Con is useless. Wait, why is Con useless?
  6. AMD FX 8350 CPU ASUS M5A97 Mobo 8 Gigs Corsair Vengeance Ram@1600 MSI R290 OC 4GB VRam GPU Samsung 850 500GB SSD WD Black 1 TB HDD Antec 900 case Thermaltake 750 watt PSU 28 inch monitor@1900x1200 which can be viewed 2560x1600 via AMD VSR Not a cutting edge PC by any means but is pretty good in my book. 2 Things...... The next thing I upgrade will be the CPU to a higher level Intel i5 or i7. The 8350 in general is outperformed by the Intel Cpus' and add to that a lower power consumption and its a no brainer to switch if you can afford it. The best upgrade ive made recently is the SSD and its not even close. Windows boots in about 5 seconds and overall it has breathed new life into the rig.
  7. That are on each bottom corner of the screen, with the skeletons on them?. I have tried everything in the IE mod but didn't see anything. Any ideas?
  8. So why when forcing overrides in the CCC panel why does MSAA look pretty good but supersampling leaves it blurry?
  9. Depending on your GPU I would force the AA settings through CCC or respectively Nvidia Control Panel. I use reshade for vibrance, bloom{very low setting} and godrays while using CCC for 24x MSAA and the game looks good.
  10. Makes my game crash Did the game run fine before installing Reshade? With Reshade installed could you provide a screenshot of your PoE folder so we can verify its correct install. It was very simple to install and run so I am not sure why your having problems other than it not being installed in the correct place.
  11. Cant really see any difference in the settings either. Using CCC with AA and AF maxed out{24x and 16x}and overriding application settings seems to help. Also using Reshade with tiny amounts of bloom and vibrance as well.
  12. I wish these people using social media trying to be the thought police would up and vanish. And while were at social media can vanish as well.
  13. I found that running CCC "override application settings" with 24X EQ MSAA and 16X AF as well as using Reshade has made the game look I believe the best it possibly can. Also enabled VSR to run at 2560x1600. The text however remains somewhat blurry. I also tried GeDoSaTo but gave up after not being able to figure out how to create a new game profile.
  14. Don't think this is possible with a console commands. Would be nice if a modder could produce some different skin tones/hair styles etc.
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