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  1. It shows the name when I hover over the enemy, but how do I see what they actually do?
  2. I go to drag select, but my mouse is over an enemy when I push down left mouse button. Rather than drag selecting, it will give a move order to the currently selected unit when I lift up on left mouse button. This causes frustrating situations where a move order is given without the player realizing it, causing a character will die instantly for disengaging combat for no apparent reason. If I drag select multiple characters, and tell them to attack an enemy, I find that often Eder, who is using Melee, will not be given an attack command, and will just sit there for no apparent reason. Thi
  3. I convinced the miller to lower his prices, then the quest told me to report to Sweynur. Rather than reporting to him, I convinced Sweynur to stop bothering the miller. Sweynur will no longer talk to me at this point, and I am unable to complete the quest.
  4. They showed off in one of the videos how there are red herring options. Some dialogue options which require a particular attribute will still fail, even if you meet the attribute's requirement, just because they were bad ideas to begin with.
  5. I think they would've been better served taking a hint from D&D 5e. They made it a point to be very stingy with d20 bonuses so that +15 is the general limit to permanent d20 bonuses, and no DC goes beyond 30. Permanent AC bonuses are also extremely limited, and the vast majority of AC sources are mutually exclusive. They also made it so that the bulk of those bonuses are unconditional. Even a very poorly optimized character will probably end up with a passive +11 to their attack rolls at max level. That means that you never get enemies who are completely unhittable, nor do you get ene
  6. Because there is no way to know which spells the enemy has until fighting against them, apart from meta-knowledge. You could always have these kind of counterspells memorized out of paranoia, but then again, you are sacrificing spell slots for the rest of the 80% of battles where the spell is not cast by the enemy. Apart from that, consider that in an actual ADnD game, strong spells require materials to be cast which are often rare and expensive for higher level spells. This restriction balances the strong but occasional spellcasting, but it is not implemented in any of the IE games, so sp
  7. That's exactly one of the issues I mentioned. If anyone but a dedicated tank gets hit they're screwed. IMO that's even worse. I hate it when games try to create "difficulty" through increasing enemy damage rather than puzzle-based encounters.
  8. So then there is indeed a serious issue with stacking deflection bonuses?
  9. Most of that time, the "something else" is just damage. Is it really such a loss to sacrifice the damage on your tank in exchange for invulnerability? What, some traits/modal abilities don't stack?
  10. So based on the wiki, you can get... Fighter Base: 25 Deflection Large Shield: +35 Deflection Cautious Attack: +15 Deflection Weapon & Shield Style: +10 Deflection Superior Deflection: +5 Deflection Defender: +5 Deflection Guardian: +10 Deflection This brings you up to 105 Deflection. Just how much accuracy are enemies going to have? A character with this much deflection is completely immune to enemies with 10 or less accuracy, and that's before we even consider equipment. Doesn't that kind of break the game? With this many deflection bonuses, the discrepency between spec
  11. In D&D they were pretty much Wizards but with MP instead of Vancian magic.
  12. I absolutely disagree. The entire reason you don't just take every one of your characters is because of artificial party limits. If the game is going to impose that nonsense on you it should make up for it somehow.
  13. So I read that the devs plan to have low Int/Cha dialog, which sounds fantastic and reminds me of the Malkavian option in Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, but at the same time, this also reminds me of games where NOT maxing out your communication blocked off most of the game. I can't recall exactly which game it was but I know I've played games where if your communication skill wasn't high enough you couldn't accept any missions, or even continue the game's main quest, and the few missions you could accept all had bad endings because the peaceful resolutions were all tied to high communicat
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