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  1. Wouldn't that be a Kobold? Look at the pointed head and the scales. I have never heard of any game system that has portrayed Orcs with reptilian features. It's a draconian. Good-aligned dragon eggs (bronze, gold, silver, etc) are corrupted by dark magic, creating humanoid dragonmen. Some explode when they die, some turn to stone, some turn to acid, some have wings and can fly, some are strictly magic-users, all are powerful. From the Dragonlance universe, originating as a D&D campaign. Draconians were indeed an alternate race to the orcs, which don't exist in the setting. Goblins, yes, orcs, no. Dragonlance had Draconians made from the Chromatics too but they where aligned with the good side of the spectrum (double negative makes a positive afterall)
  2. On orcs, they can be very interesting. As others have said Arcanums orcs where very interesting (although I was not a fan of how they had no settlements or no word of there ever being one) and Warcrafts where good, until WoW continually made them more into the 'evil' race and a overall dumbing down of the race and cultures within and I hope that Warlords of Draenor can fix that.
  3. eh I am not worried, but then again I might have too much faith in this project due to the Arcanum connection. Nothing beats the reactions to a 'beat with an ugly stick' half-orc
  4. Personally I love the Warcraft style of troll (not just the aesthetics) but the lore is what sells me to them, the fact that they aren't just basic beings, and have a rich culture and have had civilizations before is fantastic to me.
  5. I am surprised you think Genocide is a modern concept. Afterall the Romans committed the most comprehensive extermination of another culture. Genocide is a concept as old as war itself. If you are referring to the Celts, the Romans wanted to destroy them because they were rebellious, not because they were Celts. Alltogether the Romans were probably the most tolerant and culturally diverse conquerors the world has ever seen. There is a fundamental difference between fighting another culture to imbibe them into your own, or just kiling a large number of enemies and attacking another group just for the sake of destroying them. actually I was referring to Trajan and the Dacians, which it is estimated he killed in the 90's range percentile of their population and then enslaved the rest
  6. I am surprised you think Genocide is a modern concept. Afterall the Romans committed the most comprehensive extermination of another culture. Genocide is a concept as old as war itself.
  7. I am not worried about this so long as they base quests off of Arcanum (in that they could be solved in various ways), although I do hope that there are more political quests and a person can cause inter nation war. Instead of making just yourself hunted by every bounty hunter alive.
  8. You guys make it sound as if your being forced to be a vassal lord or something, if anything like that is true I demand the opportunity to raise an army and revolt!
  9. The Zephalim: Secret society that wishes to overthrow a kingdom (it is unknown which) and establish their own kingdom formed around their ideals (which is unknown to outsiders). They have agents in every major centre, who are willing to kill to preserve their secrets. The only way into this society is by invitation, and the only way to get an invitation is to show dissent to the current order of things and not have the authorities eyes upon you. The bulk of the members seem to be the more powerful merchants and businesses, with a smattering of lower level individuals. The Zephalim have been blaimed for several acts of terrorism and slaughter, this is untrue.... until recently, it appears they have adopted a new tactic that involves hiring brigands to disrupt Kingdom affairs. There has only been a handful of captured Zephalim, they tend to commit suicide just before capture, providing that the people committing the investigation survive the assassination attempts. The leading theory on how they choose leadership is by virtue of a council with representation across the 3 wings (intrigue, militant, business) it is again unknown for certain if even such a council exists, or how many members there may be in the organization let alone the council
  10. I voted arcanum, because that game was just too insanely good. one thing I would like to stress is that at hte start of a random encounter, have the 'attackers' further away to give the player a chance to recognize and react to the threat. In mine the NPC's always saw them first and charged, so I ended up not even bothering attempting to help since they often won anyways
  11. I would add that mechanic should be that when character get into fight he can simply drop torch on the ground to keep light up - another strategic layer is that you have to keep your party where you can see I would say keep them where you can see if you want them to be effective, so if they leave the 'light pool' their critical miss chance and other stats change, so that they are more likely to be hit, hurt themselves or friendlies, etc.
  12. so long as I can make some armadillo helmets I will be happy.
  13. I just want to see an option of losing the final battle, where if you lose then it will trigger events and you still finish the game successfully.
  14. I would rather a saber toothed tiger or something different
  15. Men +1 strength, women +1 Constitution which made women superior mages and men superior warriors.
  16. I hope that the PC is not uber powerful, I want to feel some danger when I do stuff in town like steal, murder, etc. it makes it boring if there are no consequences.
  17. I would like to see more of this, along with something along the lines of 'Afraid of the Dark' and 'Dark Sight' which gives boons based on the amount of light available. Plus it adds in an interesting dynamic, because if you task your mage with lights then he will do it, but he will be so far back your front line will be basically in the dark, so you will ahve to come up with something inbetween
  18. I would just like to see some smart AI, where you can't kite, and your own allies will attack the closest enemy. Just doing a replay through Arcanum and found this to be quite annoying.
  19. the only games I download are ones I cannot find/get anymore. I hope that no one hacks/opens the game just so that they can put it up for free download for a few years, until the expansion gets financed atleast
  20. not steam, I have a lot of problems with that application.
  21. I just hope that you can have an ending that even if you die against the final boss that you will get a unique ending
  22. I would like to see something classic period, with gods representing different things, but I would ask that they give it a twist. So that instead of fire = destruction, something akin to fire = pure would be a refreshing twist for me
  23. well... the weakness of that armor should be clear to anyone with an intelligence score above 3. everything is covered i steel but your genitels get red velvet? well between that and not being able to bend your elbows past 75 degrees or so.
  24. if they make it one that requires schooling, I hope they have distinct class differences, like the higher castes hunt down 'wild' or unlearned practitioners. Could make for some interesting background choices, which would then influence the game immensely
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