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Found 2 results

  1. For continued inspiration along the lines of threads like "Design a God for PE", "Design a Monster", "magic weapons in PE" and "creatures in PE" I thought it might be fun to share our ideas for a faction or organisation in PE. Guidelines: Mention the Name of the organisation, some of its history, its goals and practises, and how the player might encounter the faction ingame. I'll start. ------------- The Skywatchers The Skywatchers is a cult of monks seeking portends and omens in the clouds. Many years ago, let's say lost in time, a monk of great wisdom and power was meditating in the clouded mountains. It was during this trance that he noticed a story transpire in the clouds. A great and ancient battle was slowly wafting past him. Naturally he mentioned this when next he came down for resupply. And naturally he was ridiculed and hounded for it. Returning to his perch he tried to see what he saw before. But nothing came. Rather than dismiss it as a moment of madness, he kept at it, until eventually in trance, he saw another story A knight galloping across a field of flames. It was a different story, out of another time. Over time, he began to attune his senses to the clouds And when eventually he came down, he declared "Tomorrow this kingdom will end" suffice it to say that he was right, and he was ignored no more. It was from then that the cult of Skywatchers was founded, they are found on high purchases and in open fields, watching. Most of the time nothing much happens. They might chuckle at an amusing cloud story or shed a tear at an ancient drama being displayed in the sky. but occasionally, rarely, the clouds are prophetic, and the sky-watchers move. They meet annually and freely share what they've learned, and record it vigorously. Every tale, every event, and every portend. And they then seek out those whom they believe it applies to, in order to inform them. Ever esoteric, they're mostly left alone and ignored. A farmer in a field will be wise enough to plow around the madman lying in his field staring at the sky, day and night, and in the rain, and even on a mostly cloudless day. Some of the Skywatchers find it more convenient to hermitage(?) themselves. One of the wealthier students has built an observatory and imaging implements to record the shapes. Mostly the Skywatchers are valued for their contributions outside their more bizarre habits; Expert meteorologists, bird and insect experts, astronomers, and story tellers, the Skywatchers have plenty of time to develop these other skills for which they are known. And while they are useless most of the time, they contribute enough to maintain their standing as eccentric, but learned men. The player might encounter a Skywatcher out on his travels, looking up and mumbling incoherently "I already know that one", may consult one for information about a local insect plague or what lovely weather it is, or a crackpot might come at the player and tell him He's the long lost heir to lord mcfuddlysomethingskinstonderpson. Colourful characters, the most interesting time to encounter them is on their annual meeting, in a beautiful open air observatory built by one of the wealthier members, where they have debates on varying topics and, as the evening wears on and they get drunk, the unfairness of being such unappreciated geniuses.
  2. Tried a couple of searches but didn't get a match - if this has been covered before, then please point me / update me. 1) In BG, IWD et al, the files were all located within the main game folder (saves, override, etc). In NWN2 I was forced to have saves and mods etc in the My Documents folder on the C: drive, regardless of where the main game was installed. I prefer the former - let us choose where to install our game and have the assets stored with it. My C: drive has very little space and I like to keep my games on the much larger D: drive. Q: Is there a technical reason for needing external folders for saves/overrides? 2) In BG / IWD, the override folder became a large salad of files, In NWN2, sub-folders could be used to keep related files together. I prefer the latter - makes installing and removing mods much easier (for things like portrait and AI mods especially). Can we have this for PE?
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