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  1. You seem to be very okay with giving up money without having an actual product, which I of course also did but, I don't see how having new wilderness areas and companions cannot be done by an expansion after we know what kind of quality we have recieved rather than giving more money for a non existing product. It is folly in my mind to think we know what we would get with more money, "more wilderness exploration areas and 3 more companions" could be utterly terrible, whereas when we get to see the quality of the product first (I do not want to throw more money in based on nostalgia) and then
  2. I have to disagree, it is perfectly reasonable to vote no, mainly because we haven't actually been able to see what we are truly getting for our money. If the game had been out and it was merely for an expansion or something it may be a different matter but I am fairly certain many are leary of having more stretch goals without seeing the end result of the kickstarter.
  3. Although it is nice to see that Obsidian closes down for the holidays for its workers, I have to say I am a little disapointed that you all are not chained in the office working.
  4. I have to say I am also leery about doing another kickstarter when I have not yet seen the fruits of labor from POE, that said I would happily back again if the beta is out beforehand where I can see what it is like from streamers/youtube videos. As long as I have something to be able to judge how well spent the kickstarter was.
  5. My dearest Thread, I hope his letter finds you well, I wish it was possible for me to be by your side but with your mothers passing I am forced to work constantly allowing me no time to visit. I have faith those I leave you with shall care for you until such a time as I am able to return and reunite our family With Love Daddy The first few days went well for Thread, a few trustworthy souls coming to help feed clothe and house her but then she got caught up with a bad crowd. This crowd got her addicted to a new stimulant known as OT and she quickly lost her way. Soon enough she
  6. Well, those of us that grew up with isometric rpgs grew older and possibly busy, resulting in less sales for those types of games while the new generation arrived and was fascinated by graphics over story (IMO) Consoles also became a larger and larger market compared to the PC and isometric rpgs on a console are...just wrong in most cases so companies shifted their focus and justifiably as they are here to make money. Them coming back is probably because we have been starved from them and of course the cost as doing games in fantastic looking 3d is just getting terribly expensive which lots
  7. So, I have fallen off the earth information wise for quite awhile and was wondering if the type of world map travel has been set in stone, I figured I would ask after learning WL2 decided to go with a storm of zehir style world map (favorite part of that expansion in all honesty)
  8. Sadly I do not have time to read through the whole thread but if this game starts with the basic your a farmers son/unexperienced person background I would prefer a system that had 3 main attributes with broad bonuses and negatives to classes, Intelligence, Charisma, Willpower. You may be thinking this sounds like those are only useful for mages, but in this system Intelligence may give a bonus to how often you can learn proficiensies with a weapon if your a fighter class or how good you are at ignoring the pain of having your right arm torn off. Perhaps charisma will help you keep your part
  9. I would prefer Arcanum style with some more in depth game relations for a few of the backgrounds. For example choosing Sold Your Soul would at a point during a quest where normally you would be able to spare the life of a mislead enemy, the creature you sold your soul to would temporarily override your mind and murder the poor sod. If your an aristocrat being able to enter a high end noble establistment should be able to be completed without the need of doing a fetch quest first and things similar to that.
  10. Twitch, you don't have to catch it live as you can still see it later (youtube with live streaming!) We can also comment while he plays.
  11. I did indeed mean the regular world map travel similar to fallout 1&2 but wished to keep it in the same genre.
  12. Well I haven't seen a thread about this (may have missed one haven't been too active lately) so I figured I would ask the community what kind of exploration it enjoys. I personally am suprised with my own choice of NWN2 Storm of Zehir, with it's interactive world map it makes me want to play another game with the same type of exploration where you can see other units on the map, try to hide from nearby trolls or run like hell when said nearby trolls spot your level 1 party. It makes the game world feel more....alive to me and I think that would be a great idea for starting a new IP.
  13. Honestly they should just do a BG amount of voiceacting, then as long as they allow it to be moddable I'm sure there would be a nice group of modders who could get most of the game to be high quality voice acting within a year. (I would be fine with none personally but asking a question like should it mostly be voiced is just silly with the budget/restraints it puts on dialog ingame and would detract from other more useful elements.)
  14. There should be one very obvious romance that has you court a woman from a main city. After you have sex with her, her husband comes home (whom you did not know about) and challenges you to the thunderdome. He is very easy to murder and you think whew thank god thats over...except it isn't. He it turns out was one of the most prominent members of that cities merchant guild and as such you no longer have access to any of the cities shops, routinely have people hired to capture you and should you fail in killing them get knocked out and wake up castrated. The woman you also romanced happens
  15. I wish to be a weakling at start and moderately powerful on my own at the end (as in the PC only not companions) except I want my magic missle wannabe and sleep to progress to omgwtfbbq levels of power.
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