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  1. Hit points aren't really a problem. As mentioned by other people they're supposed to represent your ability to take a hit that would have killed you and turn it into a minor wound. When you're out of HP you're simply out of energy required to do that so when you get hit again you finally don't get up your sword in time to deflect the enemies attack and get killed. For more realistic combat you can still keep hit points you just need to make them go away in 4-5 hits tops. In a RTWP type game I don't ever see this happening. You need to be allowed to take hits and react while controlling multip
  2. You're completely right about this. I hate it when I need to have a wall of save files from tons of different characters all on the same loading/save screen.
  3. I'm sure I've made my love for Fallout completely clear in previous posts but I've always found it's SPECIAL system to work great. It doesn't simply become, 'well I'm a fighter so more strength!' You really feel your all of your low scores and you also really appreciate your high scores. You can increase them beyond character creation but only rarely. Which I prefer to having X amount of points to spend every level or 2. There is no rolling involved which is great since all characters start on equal footing and you don't need to waste 20min rerolling for high stats. My favorite aspect is that
  4. Well if you break the year up into quarters I'd probably consider Q2 the summer quater and April is the first month in Q2. That said when kickstarting I always pretty much thought, 'if they hit the targeted release window great but I don't really expect them to so no big deal if it comes later.' Maybe it's because I pretty much expected but if they do delay it a few months I'm totally alright with it. Heck, I'd rather it be delayed until December 2014 if that is what it takes to get us a high quality RPG. If they know for sure that PE would be releasing late 2014 I'd appreciate some offical w
  5. XCom: enemny unknown, FFT, Valkyria Chronicles ect: I know these are turn based games but try and make the combat in the game fun and interesting in and of itself so in 10 years this game will still be fun to play for more than it's story/characters. Adding depth the combat, high ground advantage, cover advantage, Rock>Paper>Scissors biases, and so forth lead to a more interesting and worthwhile combat experience. So often I find myself having a hard time going back to play old RPGs because the combat is just too clunky and boring and it detracts from the whole experience. Bioware game
  6. Being instantly killed because you've wandered off the friendly portion of the map at level 2 and ran into something waaay too strong for you I'm ok with being 1 shot. Later you can come back and fight on equal terms with those badies. However things like disintegrate aren't really interesting or challenging for me, just frustrating. Knowing that a monster cast a spell at my party members and all I can do is count on a dice roll to save me is a bland experience. If you want insta-gib spells or attacks they should all be dodge-able by having a noticeable casting animation or signal where they w
  7. I like the idea behind differing methods of recruitment. I say it's good place to add a bit of variety for flavors sake. It makes me think of Sulik from fallout 2, you could either buy him as a slave, get him given to you as a slave, or free him and have him join you willingly. Vic was much the same as you could either free him or buy him from slavers and there were 2 famers that would join and marry you (albeit a forced marriage at gunpoint orchestrated by an upset father) if you seduced them. I'd love to see a bit more variety for people joining your crew. There were also numerous character
  8. I think it comes down to the sort of stretch goals you're talking about. If it was an issue of running out of time before launch I'd rather the game be delayed a bit longer or just have the content patched in at a later date. If it doesn't work for game balance then it should be cut but perhaps replaced with a bit of similar content. If that can't be done then yes by all means cut the stretch goal for the sake of the game. Mainly I think this is an issue of developers needing to promise stretch goals that make sense and are vague enough that they can be made tweaked enough to not upset game b
  9. So long as the characters retain an identity of their own I'm all for it. I wouldn't want to talk a proud assassin out of a life of murder for hire just because I'm playing a 'good' character. If you had a remorseful assassin that was questioning in his path in life the whole time he's been with you maybe you should be able to influence them a bit. That or if a truly life altering event happens to a character in the game I can see you guiding them a little afterwards. One example of changing a character that I really dislike is the 'hardening' of Leliana in dragon age origins. She was a spy,
  10. I'm for it but only in tasteful amounts as it adds a bit of depth to the world. A peppering of racist/sexist NPCs provide interest, realism, and contrast but take it too far and it detracts from the overall experience. The last thing I want is this sort of thing added for shock value or some awful attempt at being gritty/dark/mature.
  11. You know there are a few things I like about dragon age but the combat is not one of them. Personally I found all the DPS to work just fine but the tanks had trouble keeping the attention of most enemies and the healer was always waaay too important. I'm not going to say that BG2 was perfect either. Although I played the game for years I find it hard to play now as the combat is simply too clunky for me to enjoy anymore. I really feel most comfortable in saying that the combat in both games was mediocre. Playable but not really enjoyable for it's own sake. If either game had some sort of end
  12. Out of the choices there I want BG. Planescape is the more interesting world by far but in this project I want the world to feel a bit more traditional. That said if fallout 2 was up there I'd pick that. Not that I'd want that sort of setting for this game, I'll get my helping of that when wasteland 2 launches, but I really enjoyed the feel of the world. I loved zig-zagging around the map trying to find hidden areas or special encounters. The whole world just had a bit of mystery to it that I wanted to uncover. I also enjoyed things being a bit more down trodden in the world at large. It made
  13. While it's really more of an action RPG, leaning more towards action, I really cannot recommend Bastion highly enough. It's a pretty short and sweet game where everything just fits. Music, art direction, story, world, variable difficulty, weapons suited to a variety of play styles, it all comes together in one great little package.
  14. I would like to see a new game plus mode where you can play with your level capped characters through a whole game of monsters scaled to fight level capped players. Along with that toss in a few new areas that can only be accessed in this mode with a few uber boss types that yield the most powerful items in the game. Granted I'm a bit of a whore for replay value though and this is the sort of thing I'd like to see as much for that reason as much as for the challenge of bonus bosses. Generally speaking I think non-essential bosses should be harder than usual, be off the beaten path and yield b
  15. I would like class based speech options as well just not as you described where the class should determine what sort of dialogue skills you can level up. For example if you're a druid with low speech I think your class knowledge that makes you a druid should allow for some unique dialogue options/persuades. The same thing can be applied to character race. Perhaps an elf beggar would normally charge for info but if another elf spoke to them they'd have an option to play on their shared heritage and get the information for free. What I do not want to see however is 3-4 dialogue related skills.
  16. Gotta head off to work so sorry in advance if the thread turns on to other topics later on but I don't have time to skim :-p To the OP however I'd say that it's honestly just far too many skills governing 1 action. I mean it would be like breaking down speech craft into, pitch, empathy, lying, presentation and topical knowledge. The whole idea is that speech craft encompasses all of those things making you good at getting what you want through dialogue. A lock picking skill takes all of those smaller parts into account in and of itself. If you go down that road where lock picking has 4-5 s
  17. I've gotta second TheTeaMustFlow here. As much as I love a strengthening of bonds I'd love to see mechanics where maybe how often you let a player get severely injured or die effected their attitude to you and the mission. I feel that often games tend to focus solely on the dialogue trees as the end all be all of inter-character relationship building. If you promise to somebody in a conversation that you'll keep them safe yet constantly let them die in missions I feel like that should effect their opinion of you. Maybe characters could even confront you about often you let them take the bulk o
  18. The story hook is important to my interest in the main story. Still a game doesn't strictly need that to be entertaining. I'd rather the hook that keeps me playing be that the game play is just fun. There are plenty of games with bad stories and fun game play that I'll replay and many games with great stories that I just can't get through again because the game play is too dull.
  19. As many have said I feel that with the GoG versions of the game out there then there is really no need to worry about playing a steam version without running it through steam. To do so would essentially give you the GoG version. I also think that maybe they'd like to have their steam version linked to steam to help give them a bit more feed back about how often people are playing and for how long as well as the free advertising when your friends list sees you playing it constantly. I know when it comes to cool indie games like Bastion, FTL and Mark of the Ninja I like to play them on steam so
  20. I agree with the OP in that the first thing is an interesting world. I won't care how much left I haven't experienced in my first play through if the game world and systems aren't worth another play through. Luckily I think Obsidian will be able to deliver this in spades so I'm not too worried on that account. After that the main thing needed to encourage re-playability (for me) is having many things that are mutually exclusive. Classes and NPCs are a good example of this. You obviously can't play every class in 1 playthrough and with the limitation on party size it will take at least 2 play
  21. Morte: Every party needs a joker and he's probably the best playable joker around Annah-of-the-shadows: You also always need 1 fiesty or spunky character and she's always been one of my favorites. Garrus Vakarian: He's one of the better comrade in arms characters but he's also got that gallows humor which makes him my favorite loyal comrade characters. Goris: I like to have beast/robot/animal companions and Goris is one of my favorites. He's a completely physical character combat wise but he's also a dedicated scholar and I always enjoy that sort of mash-up. Legion: I found him t
  22. Really I'd much rather go with a little from both rather than all one or the other. That said for a long while in dragon age 2 I had some mace or another and I kept stabbing people with it like it was a sword. I'd much rather have attack animations that make sense over flashy death animations. Especially since I need to generally see the attack animations more often and they're far more prone to going stale.
  23. Perks akin to those in Fallout. Meaning plenty of bonuses to skills but also fun quirky ones.
  24. Lol denial. You were supporting bioware romances(and their crappy writing in general) like crazy a few threads back. You were acting as much as a fangirl as any of the people ridiculed in the link. The problem you don't understand is that romance on its own isn't the problem(aside from a writers ability to write this kind of relationship well), turning it into a choose your own sex fantasy adventure minigame(which is what you people want) is. I have no problem with many of the bioware romances I'll gladly admit to that. Only a handful really stand out in my mind as awful and the majorit
  25. As opposed to the wealth of open-mindedness we get from you guys... ONCE AGAIN. http://www.something...cial-forums.php Rejecting bad ideas is not the same thing as being closed-minded. All ideas are not good ideas. Implying that all pro-romancers are like that or that all romance in games lead to things like that is foolish. It makes about as much sense as point out the Sandy Hook shooter played mass effect so clearly playing ME (or maybe the romance in ME?!) makes you want to shoot children.
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