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  1. I AM NOT ALONE! I sucked too, but the game bugged and deleted a character out, then I gave up. Still, I spent 100 minutes playing this bland demo and yet, I didn't see the time pass at all. It should be a time-sucker once it's done.
  2. First impression: I suck at combat. I can't even beat the first enemies. But then, it's way too hard for a first encounter when you don't have the hang of the game at all. Otherwise, it's gorgeous, but bland. Goes with the generic village with hardly any SFX and of course, no story.
  3. Well, I certainly suck at this game. I died the first time I met the first enemies. Then, my party was wiped out on my second try. I could only beat the giant bugs thanks to standing around at the other side of the map, reviving them again and again. And someone died for absolutely no reason since everyone saw their health depleted many times but only this one croaked. I thought there was no permanent death, except for the hero on Ironman Mode. If anything, it showed me my Ironman run will be my second run, even if it tends to reduce the fun, expectation and feeling of adventure. I'm gonna play XCOM.
  4. One for Diplomacy One for Bluff One for Intimidation One for Wisdom I should cover all bases with this. I just hope Obsidian will hint at what characters could be interesting to bring in a specific area, in order to enjoy all stories, instead of having to try endless combinaisons so we can activate a funny dialogue between the monk and the priest. I never understood why I couldn't bring Okku with me in MotB. Thankfully, the editor was there but I didn't know how to change that at the time.
  5. This RPG Codex thread allowed me to realize they hate us. I can't sleep anymore .
  6. Well, the cool thing with Obsidian games is that they're able to make you spend 20 minutes reading dialogues and make it interesting. I certainly hope we'll see such talent in action in inns. So far, I'm not afraid with the atmosphere. We just need several drunk songs, like in The Bard's Tale. Beer beer beer tiddly beer beer beer...
  7. Well, Obs sure knows they weren't going to appeal to their usual customers with this game, hence the reactions in this thread. Ah, no matter then. A man gotta do what he gotta do to keep living. Maybe I should give a try to World of Tanks.
  8. How busy can a man be to not have the time to play video games?
  9. Will the ending be shown with vignettes like for FNV? Otherwise, I can think of good questions that are not related to the release date. And the grumpiest avatar ever.
  10. I wonder if it really would cost that much since I believe it would just branch out a little before going back to the main tree. I hope not at least. It would give that feeling your run is unique.
  11. Just a short thread to ask if perks and traits are going to be of a game and if they'll influence dialogues. By the way, was there any thought for negative perks for the creation of the character? You know, to give him a little more personality and equilibrate the good perks you may also get from the start. I believe they could really give meaning to dialogues since these would be ours exclusively. Especially if perks can be cumulated for extra-flavored lines in dialogues. [Smartass] [Obsidian Fanboy] Too much work involved? Nah, as long as there is talent, everything is possible.
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