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  1. I AM NOT ALONE! I sucked too, but the game bugged and deleted a character out, then I gave up. Still, I spent 100 minutes playing this bland demo and yet, I didn't see the time pass at all. It should be a time-sucker once it's done.
  2. First impression: I suck at combat. I can't even beat the first enemies. But then, it's way too hard for a first encounter when you don't have the hang of the game at all. Otherwise, it's gorgeous, but bland. Goes with the generic village with hardly any SFX and of course, no story.
  3. Well, I certainly suck at this game. I died the first time I met the first enemies. Then, my party was wiped out on my second try. I could only beat the giant bugs thanks to standing around at the other side of the map, reviving them again and again. And someone died for absolutely no reason since everyone saw their health depleted many times but only this one croaked. I thought there was no permanent death, except for the hero on Ironman Mode. If anything, it showed me my Ironman run will be my second run, even if it tends to reduce the fun, expectation and feeling of adventure. I'm gonna play XCOM.
  4. One for Diplomacy One for Bluff One for Intimidation One for Wisdom I should cover all bases with this. I just hope Obsidian will hint at what characters could be interesting to bring in a specific area, in order to enjoy all stories, instead of having to try endless combinaisons so we can activate a funny dialogue between the monk and the priest. I never understood why I couldn't bring Okku with me in MotB. Thankfully, the editor was there but I didn't know how to change that at the time.
  5. This RPG Codex thread allowed me to realize they hate us. I can't sleep anymore .
  6. Well, the cool thing with Obsidian games is that they're able to make you spend 20 minutes reading dialogues and make it interesting. I certainly hope we'll see such talent in action in inns. So far, I'm not afraid with the atmosphere. We just need several drunk songs, like in The Bard's Tale. Beer beer beer tiddly beer beer beer...
  7. Well, Obs sure knows they weren't going to appeal to their usual customers with this game, hence the reactions in this thread. Ah, no matter then. A man gotta do what he gotta do to keep living. Maybe I should give a try to World of Tanks.
  8. How busy can a man be to not have the time to play video games?
  9. Will the ending be shown with vignettes like for FNV? Otherwise, I can think of good questions that are not related to the release date. And the grumpiest avatar ever.
  10. I wonder if it really would cost that much since I believe it would just branch out a little before going back to the main tree. I hope not at least. It would give that feeling your run is unique.
  11. Just a short thread to ask if perks and traits are going to be of a game and if they'll influence dialogues. By the way, was there any thought for negative perks for the creation of the character? You know, to give him a little more personality and equilibrate the good perks you may also get from the start. I believe they could really give meaning to dialogues since these would be ours exclusively. Especially if perks can be cumulated for extra-flavored lines in dialogues. [Smartass] [Obsidian Fanboy] Too much work involved? Nah, as long as there is talent, everything is possible.
  12. Now you've killed a whole 'nother horse and continue by beating it instead: The "Omg guys, talking about romance is beating an extremely dead horse" horse. The "I can't believe this thread is still going" posts might even possibly outweigh the actual romance discussion posts. So basically, it's a dead horse on top of a dead horse. This is starting to look like a cemetary, or a chinese restaurant. Although I do CAN'T believe this thread is still going.
  13. Sorry, but who cares? Even if the anti-whatchamacallit are raging loonies, it's only ONE (1!) point. It won't influence en the quality of the game in any way and their elitism won't spill elsewhere. Besides, there is a difference between gamers and developers. Despite the success and the appeal for a large part of the gaming population, only Bioware went all-in with love interests. If the other didn't, I'm sure they have good reasons. Oh, and no, you're wrong about Obs, it's not about criticism. Avellone said years ago he doesn't believe in romances in video games. Considering what happened when they tried, I'd say he's right. At one point, I believe we should hire Stephenie Meyers and make her create a vampire-elf brothel DLC, where all the love matters are condensed for those who desire it. It wouldn't play a part with the story or the party and could be avoided if you're not willing to pay for that. This endless debate could finally stop.
  14. Accurate. You guys must stop talking about the matter or at the very least, stop getting angry over it. Obs' has spoken and they are the captain of the ship. They is no need to advocate anything. PoE won't have any love Relationship involving the player character. Instead, it will have meaningful dialogues, varied adventures, long dungeons, bright magic, cool antagonists, awesome characters, strong strongholds, smelly inns and a lot of other top stuff so I'm pretty sure we can discard this last romance bit as it is one tiny aspect of a video game and its lack won't influence the quality. Of course, there is a third option:
  15. Well... First: putting sex and violence on the same level is a logical fallacy. Violence is a power fantasy while sex is a basic desire. Second: violence serves a purpose in video games as they provide obstacles. No violence, no video game. Can't say the same for sex. Third: there is a difference between nudity and prostitution. Fourth: peer pressure. Your friend walk in your room seeing you shooting bad guys, he will want to join in the fun. He sees you watching badly rendered characters in the nude, he will want to get you out of the room. Fifth: as far as violence and sex are part on our life, one is frowned upon while the other is healthy to have. Therefore, vidoe games are naturally accepted as a way to get the satisfaction that comes with violence without harming anybody. To kill for entertainment is harmless. Sixth: we're talking about a RPG where the focus is on story and characterization anyway, not violence and sex. Seventh: many people asked for the possibility to have a Pacifist Run, as they considered this more satisfying. I can go on if you want. "Yeah, right", indeed.
  16. Then prostitution. I wish I was kinding but the sheer popularity of these mods on Nexus made me lose all hope in humanity. Or at least in the Elder Scrolls community since the Fallout games seem to have been spared the atrocity. I think we can manage without a horribly creepy community.
  17. Good characters? Easy, their world doesn't resolve around the main character. I don't mind ego stroking (it's a video game after all so sometimes you have to pat the player on the head to make them feel, along with other methods, they accomplished something good) but they must have their own values, beliefs and motivations. A good antagonist, for example, is an antagonist you would have joined in another game. Hence, why a woman like Atris was awesome in KOTOR2. She wanted to protect the legacy of the Jedi, felt like she really had the weight of the galaxy on her shoulders. She wasn't perfect, had her quirks and flaws, like her cowardice and self-rigteouness that made her cover her failures, seeked knowledge from villains and allowed her slow fall to the dark Side. Much better than "MWAHAHAHAHAH EEEEEEVIL UNLIMITED EEEEEEVIL" Malak. And they must not have over-the-top personalities, just like my previous example. I take it chars like Minsc in BG2 are amusing and all but it was annoying to deal with a manchild obsessed by his pet hamster. That's also why I wasn't exactly a fan of Heck in Alpha Protocol, despite his popularity.
  18. I might have chosen a different example to make that point. Probably a good writer, who doesn't think that all the smoke blown up his posterior means that droning on and on endlessly is exactly what he should do. On topic: THERE ARE NO ROMANCES IN THIS GAME. THIS DISCUSSION SHOULD GO ELSEWHERE. Ah ah. I never read any of his books and I never will because according to the 4 episodes of the TV show I watched, it could be resumed as "politics rape politics sex, politics incest politics". I just went with a famous author everyone knows. The RPG was fine, even if the "politics" went tedious after a while. I felt like playing Spec Ops: the RPG. Also, dude has rage issues so I wouldn't be surprised if he decided to troll everyone in such a way.
  19. And praise the gods of computer games for that! Besides, we saw what happened to Obsidian characters once Bioware got their claws on them. The Exile: now a total tool smitten by Revan :romance:. Kreia: a madwoman who actually babbled no sense. Yeeeeah. And TOR being a MMO isn't an excuse. When you get characters with backgrounds, you try a little to respect the original material. You don't go wild because they aren't what you want to do. It reminds of David Gaider and Leliana for DA2: "I ressurected her because I didn't like her being killed in DA:O and this is my story" Well, FREAKIN' GOOD MOVE FOR A SUPPOSED-TO-BE PROFESSIONAL WRITER DAVE. Imagine if G.R.R.Martin decided Ned Stark should go back because he was totally awesome and it's too bad we don't get to see his manly beard anymore. The story would just be chaos and the plot would become meaningless. So yeah, thanks the gods indeed!
  20. I failed at SoZ, because I arrived underleveled (16) and probably with not very good characters in front of the final boss. And I don't think I cared much about the economy. At least, I still have Let's Play to make up for my lack of skill.
  21. Lol saying that is just flat out stupid. Two words Science - Fiction Against argument = Any Game Devs reasons.
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