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  1. well, I love the feeling of this game, the final version is going to be stunning, but I still dont like to pay an additional 25$ for "helping", is just I was expecting a beta a little bit less bugged
  2. do you guys have a date for the first backer beta update? I'm really not sure the exact date for the first update. I'm excited for the update as well, but I expect we will try to release it once we've addressed some of the major issues that have surfaced from the beta thus far. Brandon should provide an update for everyone when we have more details. Thanks! cheers mate, cant wait for it!
  3. do you guys have a date for the first backer beta update?
  4. got them equiped and after change zone they are gone completely from the inventory (world or w/e) there is also a bug related to the lot, items like awekened wood or beetle shells, they are unable to get, i mean, u get them from the corpse, but they dont appear in the inventory.
  5. i just got a crossbow for the ranger, dual axes for the warrior and dual spikes for the rogue (all of them got from lot). changed zone and all the items dissapeared. this forum doesnt allow me to attach the files
  6. My steam is in spanish, so the game launched in spanish. To change the language you have to do it inside the game, in the options menu, if you change the language of the game in steam it will still launch in the default language, no big deal. In the options menu (start screen), when you click on game or graphics, the options texts dissapear (options pic attached), and then appear again when you click in audio. Then in the game, when you put the mouse over some specific skills, there is no description text floating, when playing in english all skills have their description, but in spanish,
  7. its 8pm here, ive been pushin F5 for the last 20 hours, and now this guy is going to "take a nap"
  8. The postman cames with a parcel, inside there was a big beautiful box of Project Eternity, with the soundtrack, booklets, models, figures, but it wasnt the game!! the game-disc was missing!!! arrrr!!!! cmon guys quick quick quick i cant wait!!
  9. actually there is a public beta from Age of Decadence, so we can play a bit until we wait for the release, in october http://www.irontowerstudio.com/forum/index.php/topic,2488.0.html the original divine divinity looks good, and the new kickstarter project is also very cool, and will be release in november this year as well
  10. thanks! it looks nice that game, i will give it a try yeah i did, along with FFXI is the best "simulator" game to kill a dragon. but atm im looking for "old-style" games, u know, isometric view, to play in a 256mb graphic card and 1ghz cpu netbook
  11. oh man, i didnt know about that enhanced edition. thats what i was looking for! and it seems they will launch it for android soon, cant wait to play it on my Nexus 4!! actually i only found the enhanced edition of BG1, well it doesnt say 1, does it include 1 and 2 in the same pack?
  12. yh, thanks, i already played the witcher and the witcher 2, and love them, also last week I tried avadon but didnt like it, too much text and not very good gameplay. now im giving a try to Inquisitor, and looks nice. With current games i mean 5-10 years old, no need to be only 2012-13 games, is just i played in the past all that games we already know like baldurs gate, neverwinter, fallout, heroes of might and magic, dungeon keeper, icewind dale, ultima, quest for glory... some of them I tried to re-play again now but it was like lol how i was able to play in the past with that old-fashioned
  13. Hi everyone Last year i became a backer for Project Eternity, and today i did the same with Torment Tides of numenera and wastelands 2, good rpg games that can be played in "old" PC's... but the wait is soooo long, i dont know what to play now. Im looking for games similar to these ones, but no the old games from 1990, I already played them in the past, im looking for current games, from the last years. I had a lot of fun with Unepic (is not like these, is more like castlevania, but is impressive, if you didnt played it i highly recommend it) or Legend of Grimrock, a very immersive gam
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