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  1. Well part of the issue is that a lot of technologies are invented on behalf of the rich and are then refined and become more affordable. If you assume that you are a rich merchant who wants to get into, say, the wool trade you might have 2 options. You might have a choice between purchasing a wool spinning golem or purchasing an semi-automated loom that required a human operator. If you assume the Golem can work all day and all night with no rest, and no extra cost beyond the initial commission, and the loom requires you to pay pesky workers who need light to see, food to live and accomodat
  2. To be fair, the existance of magic itself would probably be enough to throw development way off - you have to remember that our current technology isn't necessarily the only way technology could end up that any fantasy setting is inextricably moving towards. The main reason for the development and success of crossbows, and then guns is that it is a mechanism that let's you put a deadly projectile weapon in the hands of a fairly inexperienced person and it is a legitimate threat to anyone on the battlefield. Insert magic into the mix and it changes things up a bit, not only insofar as being p
  3. I much prefer Ranger as a name, hunter is a bit of a narrower word for me than ranger. The way I see it is that the ranger archetype is actually a fair bit broader than "the nature protector thing" that people tend to treat it as. Realistically, to me at least, it's any character that uses knowledge of the wild for combat purposes, which while it would include hunters and trackers certainly, would also include guerilla fighters, which realistically includes the archetype inspiration Robin Hood. It's not necessarily anything to do with them loving nature, it's a thing with using the environm
  4. To be fair, I think you are reading that a bit over literally - I'm fairly sure they stated that any money between £3million and £4million would go into enhancing anyway, which isn't really anything specific - it's not like they would use that money in any way *not* enhancing the game. A scenario where they made $3999999 and go "sorry about that, we just can't use that $999999 for enhancing the game, I guess we can't use it at all" would be a bit bizarre.
  5. I'd much rather stick with a character creator - I don't need to see my character's origin story of how they became a whatever, I'd much rather that time be spent telling the story of how a character got involved with whatever tale Obsidian have in mind for the main quest. I don't mind it in Skyrim, but the whole point of that is just being a complete tabula rasa having an entirely original part in the world. In the IE games, your identity is a little more nailed down, even if its just "you are a member of a mercenary party" which allows you to get into the meat of the game a bit quicker.
  6. Untrue -- there are two problems with an eventual, post-release console port: 1) Any future game in the series would likely be designed to be ported. This would, based on past experience, lead to UI compromises -- and is very highly like to lead to "streamlining" of mechanics. 2) Console gamers have different interests and preferences than PC-only gamers -- and for every PC gamer, there is 2 or 3 console gamers. This means that any PC & console game will be driven by the preferences / interests / likes of the console gaming group rather than the PC group. Note that I'm not sayin
  7. The thing is here, personally I am strongly in favour of a system whereby how useful a wizard is when out of spells is entirely dependant on how the player builds them. If you transcribe the concept of "Wizard" onto, being a professor of Science at a University, to be such a professor requires a basic level of competance which represents this person being a level 1 Science Professor with all the skills required for that. However, if a pair of identical twins are both equal level/payscale Science Professors that gets them so far, but it's the "extracurricular" stuff which differentiates be
  8. Easter Egg(s) - fine, but any actual concrete connection is problematic, as it risks hamstringing the creation of both worlds into having to have overlap with each other. The only way to do this well would be if they had both been designed from the ground up to mesh together, but as they haven't I'd rather that they steered clear.
  9. Sorry for breaking this to you but in all honesty i'd always felt that Obsidian, inXile and Bioware are similar. They are just good storytellers and good in writing stories. They were never good in technology, visuals/art or game engine. Their mindset are still sticking to the 1990s on 2D, "tilesets" and the best at you can call "Infinity Engine". While the engine may be "ground-breaking" and state of the art during the 1990s but to them it's still state of the art and ground-breaking even as of today as we are speaking . Bioware is exactly the same. With their used of old, rehashed game e
  10. I'd also add to my earlier thing that "elemental" types like water, wind and earth are sorely underrepresented compared to fire, and are probably more tactically interesting as you can do more with them than burn things and blow them up. I always vaguely liked the idea of an enchantment that'd briefly enchant a weapon with the power of a big wave, giving you one colossally powerful hit that'd knockback even huge foes, spraying seafoam from it as it impacted.
  11. I actually like the classic elemental stuff, but I can see a reason to expand beyond them too. But equally I don't really care for magic that is either too sciency or too "trying to be cool" like say manipulating radiation for the former or shadowmagic for the latter. What I'd suggest is that perhaps fireballs and lightning bolts are basically considered to be the fairly crude tools of a low level mage who is still learning, ie. anyone can do a simple magical equation to make things burn, as that's something they can do without magic anyway. More advanced stuff would be things increasi
  12. In Torment: Tides of Numenera - yes. In Project Eternity - preferably not, or only in a way that very specifically ties to the setting (something connected with souls?) It's a potentially fascinating trope sure, but it's also one that you have to consider whether its inclusion has any benefit to the setting. In Forgotten Realms it's tied to the P&P Origins, in something like His Dark Materials its fundemental to the concept, but nothing I've seen so far suggests this being the sort of adventure with Interplanar travel. I'd rather they spent the time making one world with all sort of
  13. I'd add that a "bonus boss" should often be more accuratly a bonus bonus boss team - generally speaking, fighting a single high level opponent is less tactically challenging than a varied enemy boss squad, say, some high end mercenarys contracted to kill you or a team of bad guys who you unintentionally release from a magic device.
  14. Just to qualify my own wilderness issues with BG1 - its's not the emptiness that bothers me, the density of stuff was a little low for my tastes but not outside the band of tolerability, but more that it was just visually bland - I live in the countryside and spend a lot of time in it, and for a fantasy world their outdoiors manage to be less interesting visually than a generic country path...
  15. Not everething modern is excrement. Every modern RPG is below the IE games? Hell yes. I liked NWN2, Mask of the Betrayer, DA:O, New Vegas, Wither 2. None of them comes close to BG2 or Torment. Mask of the Betrayer comes closer.In fact if not for the awful camera and controls it would be on par with Black Isle games. But other than that that five games we hadn't have a good RPG the last years. And if NWN2 OC is a good RPG is dabatable by others That's so wrong it isn't even funny. Other than BG2 I would play NWN 2 over any Infinity Engine game. Better gameplay, better graphics, better c
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