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  1. All opinions provided in response appreciated. I can see the point in keeping it fixed I guess. Diablo3 is doing well with this so I suppose its ok however Diablo3 I am pretty sure is on a full 3D engine so I'm not sure how well 2.5D will stack up. (p.s. I'm not trolling)
  2. Pardon my ignorance but does that mean no camera angle changing or zooming or anything? Seems pretty archaic to me if this is what you plan to spend $4M on... :/
  3. Assuming (well I am, maybe its been established) this game will not be isometric and we can change the camera angle and assuming that the typical "Z" key to highlight interactive objects is implemented I don't see a reason for quest markers in the game (if its a top down sort of 3rd person interface).
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