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  1. Which I have yet to see any truth in at all. Why would there be problems with one set of buffs, but not other sets of buffs? Food, Rest and Aura buffs persists through saves just fine, but another kind of buff would not? Oh please. Well, some of them persist too much. That was the biggest bug fixed by the last patch. And it's still partially present.
  2. That would push people to create specialized grimoires and maybe have to change them out every 2-3 battles.
  3. Well to be fair, roleplaying a warrior with 6 might wouldn't be that fun. Since you are at it, at lest give him good stats.
  4. Fact is that with prerendered I don't need to change gpu. That kind of 3D graphics would probably kill my old gtx 260.
  5. It would be cool to hear something from the devs. I tried disabling IPv6, but the other stuff like VPN and the other stuff you can see in the sticky topic about common issues don't help (I don't even have any of that stuff on my pc).
  6. You need to put them in ..\Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\data\art\gui\portraits\player (the initial part of the path is different based on which version you have, GOG or Steam). The portraits need to be: a) 210x330 png b) 76x96 png the large one's name must end with _lg the small one's with _sm
  7. http://antoniodeluca.deviantart.com/art/Wizard-378419898 if you don't mind the artist logo, I think it's one of the best I've ever seen
  8. It probably has loot lists. Some container may contain fixed loot, other will contain a "variable" that changes what you find picking a random number from a list. Items may or may not have different %. That's how most games do it.
  9. I was thrilled because there was a guy doing the Lone Wolf gamebooks. But after the first module nothing more came out. So sad.
  10. It's still amazing. NWN looks like playing with Playmobil. No Playmobil still looks better.
  11. I'm amazed that CDProject managed to created The Witcher out of the aurora engine.
  12. I think the hirelings bugged before the hotfix will remain bugged. Try making a new one, dismiss and recruit it again in the keep.
  13. People are crying about having to go back frequently to get more camping resources. If you limit the carry capacity with weight and remove the stash there will be a revolution. Not to mention that if you add max carry weight, you'll probably have a harder time making weird combos like a wizard in full plate mail.
  14. -I like the possibility to enhance your equipment. But I would like to have someone like Cromwell or Cespenar to bring pieces of weapons or metal and leather and get powerful artefacts (I'm still in chapter 1, so I don't know if there really is something like that) -I like engagement -I like the addition of primitive fire arms -I like limited sleep -I like "per encounter" abilities -I like 50% and 200% speed -I like resting bonuses at the inns -I like that dismantled traps are placed in your inventory -I like "adventure book" interactive scenes -I like free for all armors and weapons
  15. That's always the case with new races. They have very few portraits. I usually play elf or human, so I'm not that impacted.
  16. Since the source for the hotfix has been created at a later moment, and most probably sent to GOG while they were already working on creating a differential patch with the 1.03 source code given to them, it's most likely that they will release the hotfix as a second patch. Now, considering today and tomorrow are a holiday, I'd say we'll have to wait a bit more.
  17. 2D portraits a much more good looking. Especially since the 3D models of the characters are kinda small and with a low poly count.
  18. I think an option to dismantle a weapon to get some materials back for a new enchantment would be good.
  19. Do you have the gog version or the steam version? The steam version has an hotfix that fixes a bug with hireling loosing their voice sets.
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