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  1. LLaney, your avatar is one of my personal fav. Sadly when use it for my Ranger character the companion animal icon overlaps with a huge part of her face
  2. I'd go with unadulterated BG1 and then import in BG2. I would just install patches and unofficial fix packs.
  3. Is it futile even if you revert to a save before stepping in that* area for the first time? *whichever area you choose for doing this
  4. It's not about muscles. It's about "power" and that can be either physical or magical.
  5. Why did you invest in Mechanics with two characters? Well, aside from athletics, and a bit of lore for scrolls, the others are pretty much pointless. In my opinion
  6. It's only mechanics. You can try it out easily because at the start of the game there's a hidden stash in the very small camping spot in the lower left corner of the map. Try creating a character with max perception and 0 mechanics and vice versa.
  7. I don't dislike them, they feel like the old adventure books. "If you have [requirement X] got to chapter 58" "However if you have [requirement Y] you can go to chapter 328"
  8. I use them mainly because I like too see which options I'm gaining because of how I built my character.
  9. As I posted (unnoticed) in the other thread: Could it be possible that for whatever reason you have no writing permission inside the game save folder? Try deleting the folder and recreating it manually. And then check the permissions to see if you have Modify, Read, Write, ecc.
  10. The OP is growing in skill. A solid 'B.' You mean in trolling skill, right? Because DA2 is a POC, so getting better scores would kinda easy. And the only good VA in DA2 is the one they used for Varric (disregard Flemeth, she has like 3 lines of dialogue). Of Inquisition I have seen some video, but it's the usual BioWare game. Nothing extremely interesting. Still looks at least a bit better than DA2.
  11. Well that game had 25 companions. This one has, what? 8? They could all be available in the next instalment.
  12. No guys, he means that PoE 2 should merge its installation files with PoE 1 and become a single game. Like a mod -I forgot the name- for BG1 and BG2.
  13. I don't know if it is more amusing the fact that the original limerick was intended as offence toward homophobic people (and as such misunderstood heavily), or that you all are still here discussing this stupid event.
  14. It's not useless if it allows you to solve some situations with dialogues. For example, in the very first map, when you confront the leader of the guys who attacked the caravan, a single point in lore can save the hostage from being critically wounded. Yes, lore it's a skill, but I've only played chapter one, so I don't really know how much Resolve could be beneficial in conversations.
  15. Why are all topics like this about "combat efficiency"? The last 3 stats are very useful for conversation options.
  16. Eh, I know personally of someone who cried because he didn't get a 10 in a test in high school.
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