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  1. i think i did so .... makes sense to me! Is he important to finish the game ... Better restart then *sniffs sadly* THANKS FOR HELP AND ALL!
  2. well very first: I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to ask ... but i feel just more uncomfortable to ask in the technical forum! So if it's the wrong place don't put me on knees Well what happend: I play with an all selfmade party and onlöy bring the npc's forth to discuss things with them to level them and ofc to outfit them (No one should be naked at least) and in this process i somehow lost the Cleric you found at the Stone Statue south of Gilded Vale i can't reteam him ... he isn't also standing around at his original spot nor in my Stronghold or any other inn - any idea where i can search for him ? the Quest with him is still active Sincerely Edo
  3. THANK YOU VERY MUCH Master Covi! Yeah mechanics it can be ... i have a rather weird Paladin with Mig:10 - Dex:3 - Perception: what is left (16 or so) Int:12 - Con:18 - Reflex:18 and ofc 0 Mechanics and i wasn't able to find anything ... guess i do a restart (shivers when thinking on killing the wolvies again) Greetings Edo
  4. Heya all! Can anyone tell me what Skill/Atribute/Talent/whatever is needed to find secret items ? started that game 3 or 4 times now - this time as Paladin and miss the gun in 1st map and the stash at the wolves in 3rd map Thanks in advanced Edo
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