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  1. We already have enough streamlined cRPG out there. Dragon Age II is the master of streamlining and unrealism, and its quite awful.
  2. Not the Oblivion scaling I hope. A little level scaling wouldn't be too bad, but not at the point where if you go back to the starting region, every critter scaled up to your level and became godlike too.
  3. I'd really like if they actually influenced the fight. Like breaking the wrist of the arm of your enemy would decrease his ability in swinging his sword or prevent it altogether.
  4. Anything but, please, not something like the stupid Skyrim inventory. Skyrim and Dragon Age II inventory are like, the most horrible things ever brought to life.
  5. Putting Icewind Dale saga together with Planescape: Torment is kind of mean though. The first is heavily combat centered, while the second, I always felt, had fights just to be more appealing to people who like combat in their breakfast.
  6. Not so much of a combat log as intended by the OP, but a personal favourite of mine is the "kills log". I love when a game keeps track of how many skeleton I killed, how many trolls and so on. In the good old Diablo 1 you'd discover more about a certain type of monster, the more you killed of its kind. Like how many max HP can it have, what level range can it be and such.
  7. That wouldn't be random thoug... If you happen to clear a dungeon in a region inhabited by a tribal race of "whatever" and they don't even know what a coin is, it would be kind of stupid if they had a merchant that trades in gold coins... But maybe you can trade with them for shiny gems or by trading a piece of armor for a mimetic cloak. Why not? But maybe you like best to 'fast travel' to another continent where gold coin is universally accepted.
  8. One think that I personally wouldn't like as a money sink is item durability. Diablo III is a good example of what I dislike most. And if implemented I would at least like to be able to repair things by myself with raw materials or scraps. I don't want to be forced to go about, find a smith or thinker and pay him to fix my stuff every hour or so.
  9. Exactly, he just said that there are stone-age elves, although they might not be like that by the game's start. Yes, I noticed only after I posted Sounds very interesting!
  10. Well, I'm good until I don't see stuff like "your every single choice will be carried over to the end of the trilogy"
  11. Agree with the 'smarter' aspect. Icewind Dale did this, if memory serves. The more times you sold a specific item to a merchant, the less he paid for it. As for unlimited money, I'm kind of torn.On the one hand, I absolutely see the reason behind a merchant not having unlimited funds. On the other, all it seems to is force tedious travel to other merchants to unload your loot. And I don't like tedium. Well if you consider point 4 you have more options and not necessarily need to look for other shopkeepers. Plus having to walk a bit more than normal in the various cities/settlement would
  12. I'd rather see an elven race akin to the Kagonesti from DragonLance setting. I'm quite bored by elves always being high and noble and advanced. A more tribal race of elves would be awesome.
  13. I want my combat log to be separated from the conversation log. Today's monitors are wide enough to have a combat log left and a conversation log on the right. Or vice versa.
  14. On my ps3 I'm a trophy whore, but on PC and in this kind of games I just can't be bothered. I just want to play the game.
  15. My opinion. A system that values weight and volume is interesting. A "slot-less dynamic" inventory is the most fitting I think. Simply put the game should check weight and volume and when you get overburden you can't carry anything else. You could go as far as carrying an additional (limited) amount while suffering in walking speed, fighting, being stealthy and whatever else. Graphically, different items should be put one beside the other and identical items should just stack. This would save from having to play tetris after every fight. One thing that I'd like to change from the or
  16. If we manage the 2.3 million I'll change my pledge from 50$ to 110$ for the digital tier with beta key
  17. Why hello fellow adventurers. I only registered today and would like to give few suggestion regarding economy for this promising project. Usually in cRPG it goes like this: Lot of kills Lot of loots Go to shop ???? Profit To the point where after few hours you have enough money to buy whatever you need to upgrade your gear whenever you find something more powerful than what you already have. This aspect should be cured and expanded a little more! I won't talk about implementing 'social' skills like "Barter" or "Haggling" because many cRPG already have such things, and they a
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