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Found 5 results

  1. I wasn't even going to mod at all... but... trying to debug my AI scripts with this J.V. combat log... it feels like I'm being punished for enjoying the game too much. I mean, it doesn't help that I'm debugging a Lifegiver script in a duo with a Herald tanking for her. The pollen patch/exalted endurance/ancient memory spam must be seen to be believed. Auto-pause can only do so much haha. With the in-game log, I'm just not seeing any meaningful filter options besides per character. I'm not seeing any way to export to file so I can handle it that way. When I hit shift for additional info the pop-ups are stepping all over each other so it feels like trying to read a foreign language while trippin' on acid. NO BUENO! Please let me know if I am wrong, and the combat log doesn't suck, Otherwise, I'm not here to complain as much as just join the Mod-Squad and be done with this psychological torture session lol. So... Can anyone recommend a mod that will help me analyze what's going on in combat? Please tell me that's a thing that exists! I'm not trying to be too picky, but if it could export a log to a file, and maybe even let me filter by more than character, that be frikkin' sweet! And if you got a link? - me luv you long time Thanks in advance!
  2. Description During the combat, in the combat log the lines with successful attack and damage are not shown if the language set is Italian (see attached file "Combat_log IT.jpg). They are replaced with empty lines. If i set English all is shown properly (see attached file "Combat_log EN.jpg). I have also attached the output_log.txt file. If further infomation is needed please ask. Thank you output_log.txt
  3. Hi all, I'd like to make a request or get advice on how to examine a log at the end of a fight. I'd love to see some totals: which character did the most damage? Which attacks were used? Who tanked the most damage? At its core, I'd really just love to see damage totals for each character (and what attacks were used). Is this possible? I think it'd add a lot to the gameplay and a feeling of connection with the characters. Thanks!
  4. Hello all, Only played a little bit of the new build, but from what I've seen it's vastly improved. Gives me a good deal of hope that they've made this much progress in 2 weeks. Combat and combat feedback have been improved... but something really has to be done about that log. Show less (especially regen), smaller font, better color coding, I dunno. But something really has to be done. It's far too chaotic at the moment to be useful. That's all. It's not really a bug, just an improvement that needs to be made.
  5. Hello everyone, what do you think about the detailed combat log. Personally, i loved it in Baldurs Gate and KOTOR and missed it in Dragon Age. I think the combat log is the best way to understand complex game mechanics, compare weapon and armor values and improve survival chances on the very hard level. What do you say?
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