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  1. A character with 2 perception and 5 mechanics has the same chances, to spot hidden stuff, of a character with 18 perception and 5 mechanics.
  2. But that's not how the industry works. A 9/10 drive sales. I bet Bloodborne gets a good sales boost because of 9/10. Was it perfect? No framerate issues? No 40s loading respawn loading times? The industry works that way because people don't read the reviews, and just look at the scores. Remove the scores and you'll see that the industry will change.
  3. Enemies can have a variable number of "engagement slots". Move your cursor over an enemy and you'll be able to see red lines going from him to your characters. Those indicate the characters that are engaged.
  4. Scores are useless. Take the content of the review and use it critically to apprise the product.
  5. People that take internet for granted are amusing. How did you deal with the 7 gigs steam download then? I dunno, ask to people with monthly data caps or snail speeds. The average global download speed in the last quarter of 2014 was 4mbps. Try imagine how many people are there in the world with less than 1mbps to average at only 4.
  6. Rendered means that they are 3D images, so you know. To be more precise, render are high definition still frames of a 3D composition.
  7. Savegames from different characters get automatically grouped by character name.
  8. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/76254-103-hotfix-doors-not-opening-due-to-fog-of-war/?do=findComment&comment=1642511
  9. I've seen a lot of activity from the devs lately. I'll bump to try and get some more visibility.
  10. Do they? Final Fantasy is the only example I can think of. I think all the Zemeckis ones got pretty bed reviews on that matter. The Polar Express Beowulf A Christmas Carol Mars Needs Moms
  11. Indeed. On the first point especially, don't forget that 2D animation in the movie industry got steamrolled for 3D animation too. In the late 1900's / early 2000's, there was a decent amount of 2D animated movies coming out alongside 3D animated ones. (EDIT: Like late Disney Renaissance films beside Pixar ones, and Dreamworks having a mix of both styles.) By the late 2000's/early 2010's, 2D animation is pretty much gone and 3D animation reigns supreme. Is it any wonder the game industry did the same? Which is strange if you think about it. 3D movies often fail miserably beca
  12. I still remember buying Everquest and discovering only at home that it was an MMO. I don't even remember if I even had a dial up at the time. Never played it in the end.
  13. That should be asked to GOG, Obsidian has no power, nor control over GOG release.
  14. God, I hate bloom. Oblivion had so much bloom that everything looked fuzzy.
  15. Seriously? The graphics were so rudimentary and the aesthetic so regular, geometric, rigid and sterile that everything felt dead boring or simply goofy and lame.
  16. I'd prefer they stick to 2D. It's more pleasing to (my) eyes By the time they work on Pillars 2, this engine would (hopefully) be freed from most of its kinks.
  17. wow I never thought someone would mention the original PoE on these forums, Path of Exile is an amazing game however I can't play with Path of Exile camera. Too restrictive. And the small inventory is way more tedious than camping resources could ever be.
  18. what are you up to that makes you so afraid of being spyed upon lol Absolutely nothing. That doesn't mean that I like to be spied upon. Most of the spying I have no control over, but when I can, I steer clear.
  19. It should be the 32bit SO problem. For 32-Bit Machines There are reports of reporting crashing when transitioning on 32-bit machines. We are aware of the issue and attempting to fix it. This issue did come up on Wasteland 2, which is another Unity project, and a workaround was discovered by their fans: here You can change your system settings on your computer to increase RAM used by a single application. However, there are inherent risks involved when changing settings involving your operating system and any attempts to change your system settings will be at your own risk. Obsidian is
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