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  1. I’m not sure if Obsidian can change anything about it (I don’t know how if Steam can patch single files) but I’m wondering why the updates are so big. Please don’t forget the people with a slow internet connection. Having to download 600 MB every other day is no fun.
  2. Roughtly 1/3 down from the top and 1/10 left from the center. From the two colums with the checkboxes it’s the top right checkbox. Eventually it now works for me after switching to 1080p and using the two screen trick.
  3. Update: Switching the screen helps temporarily. It starts exactly once with a given screen. Apparently I now have to switch the screen every time I want to start it. If it wouldn’t be so sad it would be funny.
  4. Same here…unable to use the game or change the resolution. I deleted every config file names Pillars or unity. Nothing helped.
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