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  1. Well you will be pleased to know that Fluxwing's tactics seemed to be the best practice. Not that I did it first time round in fact took me about 8 goes to finally kill Sabel & Crew. It was not easy in any of them and I used just about every lvl 4 and lvl 5 spells I had plus scrolls and potions. And thank god for the pause function and the combat log because I don't know how on earth I would have done that without freezing it every half a second just to see what was going on with whom. Turns out the Magus have bounding missles because Sable had a necklace of missles so that kinda makes sen
  2. Hmm maybe you are right and I should leave off till I am a few levels higher. But I think you have also have a point about changing tactics as well. Usually I spread my party out so as not to be hit by area effect spells of which there are many, but these mage skeletons are a bit tricky like that. So maybe I will try a different approach and see how far I can get. Thanks.
  3. Title says it all. I am trying to take out Sabel but there seems no way to do it without getting massively pounded into the ground. For one thing all the Magus have a full compliment of offensive spells that act 4 times faster than anything I can throw at them. They move incredibly fast. And how come they get sworn enemy I thought that was a Paladin only talent? And how come none of my spell effects last 45 seconds or more? Have to say this Crägholdt map is turning out to be one of the toughest I have come across. Almost all my party is 13 lvl now save one 12 but really I
  4. Hmm interesting. Well I think you can see from my screenshot I have a Rogue a Monk a Druid a Ranger + wolf A Mage and a Cleric Maybe I need some sort of tank either Elder or Pallegina. So brawlers are like monks then? That explains a lot then. Instant damage is something I don't need to inflict but I would still like to find a way to stop them running so fast because trying to predict where they will be a second later is pretty tough. My favourite tactic is to corral fighters from each other so they cannot run to aid another who is about to die. But the brawlers just run though everything I h
  5. Ouch.. did not know it was as bad as that. That is just brutal. How can they lay an entire party prone but nothing you throw at them will even slow them down let alone stop them? I have seen them just walk right through walls of thorns and force like they were not there. And one time my mage tried to run away with boots of speed and they caught him?!
  6. Zombie, from the pic, I can see that this is the Torn Bannermen group outside of Concelhaut's place. These guys are supposed to be tough, very, VERY tough!!! Toning them down would be defeat the entire point. And it's not necessary to lock out Craghold just because you're not high enough level. If you have trouble against the Torn Bannermen in the first few engagements as you move into the area, no one's forcing you to keep trying to move forward. You are more than able to fall back to Caed Nua and lick your wounds and return when your party is stronger. Hmmm well truth is I have a
  7. I whole heartedly concur. It is frigging ridiculous how powerful these merc brawlers are. Just look at their resistances (see attach screenshot) They are resistant to bloody everything except maybe a fireball but they never stay in one place long enough to hit them. They are impossible to stop. You can't blind them hobble them petrify them hell even trying to stun them is nigh on impossible. And then to top the whole lot off they are allowed to make up to 4 duplicates of themselves? I mean WTF? My party is not particularly low level all are 13th with one 12th. It says something when it
  8. Awww Rats.. I just noticed this and think that is exactly what happened to me. Just how am I supposed to work out which was the save that got corrupted? I have hundreds and I don't wan to have to load every one to find out when it went all pear shaped. Is there not a tool that could go through the save game file and look for inconsistencies? One check I can think of is comparing the party roster with the state of completed quests for each character. If the character is not on the roster but his quest has been partially completed that is a sure sign that something went horribly wrong, because t
  9. Ok so I have been struggling with this for a while but basically I think around the begin of act II my party became fixed with the characters I had at that time. Where as I used to have all my companions on the roster at Caed Nua and I could switch them around making parties of different make up, suddenly and I cannot remember exactly when they disappeared and return back to the locations where I first found them. So the Grieving mother is back at the Drfold Village, Hiravias is at the Stormwall Gorge etc etc. When I approach them and talk there are no options to have them join me again even i
  10. I can confirm too that I am having slow load and save times. Both between scene shift and using quicksave or menu save. It did seem to get a little faster over the last patch but still not sure why switching maps should take so long or even quick saving. The quick saves are done to my home dir which is on a SSD so. Can't be a memory thing either as I have 16Gb memory and it is never all used up. Weird.
  11. Is this a class specific item or something because when I put it on various characters I never see a way to active the Summon Noble Creature aspect? Or is this a bug in the item? Thanks.
  12. I think that ratio of hits to crit is basically because of a 17 dexterity plus any other advantacges for accuracy. It is expected but I doubt her physical dmage reflect much about the critical hots she makes. As can be seen by the highest single hit damage only being 68. As to the Animancer boots.. Seems to me that ought to restricted to classes that are not up front fighters. Mages/Ciphers/Monks.
  13. Ahh that explains that then. Fairy nuff.. As to finding traps and hidden switches being dependant on mechanics rather than perception seems to me that is a flaw. Perception ought to allow you to see traps and hidden things but won't let you disarm traps or open hidden things. If I know there is a trap there I cannot disarm I can come back later and disarm it and gain some experience assuming it does not block my path. Any clues as to where to pick up this other quest from? I suspect it is someone up top in Copperlane yes? Thanks.
  14. Been scratching my head about this for days but I can see there is a secret room off the first tomb on the right as you go up the stairs to the 4 tombs some with traps in them. I thought at first it was because I did not have a high enougoh mechanics score on any of my characters but now I have 8 mechanics and still not hidden switches are reveals. I encounted something like this before on level 5 of Od Nua where the secet switch was only visible after I read the (one and only scroll it seems) of Rite of Hidden Wonders. My main char has a perception of 16 as well. so I don't think it is that e
  15. Crafting is a useful ability if you can specialise your set of weapons and armour for a certain task. For example I am out matched by Dragons + Drakes and so I need to stock up on Burn Proof gear and Beast slayering stuff. Then I can take them down in short order. Of course same stuff is not so easy against fampires for example but then you need other stuff. My only problem is sourcing all the ingredients and some ingredients seem pretty rare even if they are very cheap. That gives me a standing quest in itself to try and figure out where these plants and items are found. It is also us
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