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  1. Last time I've checked combat log while fighting Adra dragon, petrified monsters recieve x4 damage. Thas right, quadruple. Nuff said.
  2. Grants +6 Perception +6 Intellect +25 (TWENTYFIVE) Resolution??? Aoe party buff which grants 75 concentration 25 Deflection and 50 Will? Not to mention 30 sec base duration??? Seriously? Are you kidding me Obsidian???
  3. It isn't adding different amounts of Shock damage reduction to different characters. It is adding +3 Shock DR to characters who have different amounts of Shock DR from other sources (most likely just from their armor). In your case, without the boots, your barbarian has 9, Eder has none, Kana has 11, Durance has 5, Grieving Mother has 8 and Aloth has 8. The confusion arises because armor lists DR as a general number, and then after it lists any exceptions (damage types that the armor has a different amount of DR against). So, for example, if your armor has a base DR of 5 and no exceptions it will only say "DR 5". If you then equip an item with +3 Shock DR your character sheet will then show "DR 5 Shock DR 8" - which will make it look like Shock DR just jumped by 8 unless you understand that you already had 5 Shock DR even though it didn't explicitly say it. This is why I say that DR should just be listed explicitly for each type, rather than the current method of base + exceptions - the current method is easily misunderstood because it is not intuitive. Nais, Thanks for explaining. So, additional DR just adds with your armor DR, seriously how could I be so stupid. Now everything clear. Cheers mate
  4. Hi Manator, I am currently looking in this issue. Can I get your save file and output log? Thanks! *Edit*: Nm, got it. Hi KTran, thanks for noting this, but please don't nerf into oblivion Attaching last save&log if you still need. BTW, another bug. Boots consume 2 charges on one use and as you see in my previous screen hits to much opponents imo. Description 1+2 and screen 4? Anyway, best game I've played in so many years, many thanks from old scool gamer. P.S. Soz can't upload, glad you found it.
  5. I think that ratio of hits to crit is basically because of a 17 dexterity plus any other advantacges for accuracy. It is expected but I doubt her physical dmage reflect much about the critical hots she makes. As can be seen by the highest single hit damage only being 68. As to the Animancer boots.. Seems to me that ought to restricted to classes that are not up front fighters. Mages/Ciphers/Monks. Dex has nothing to do with this IMO, coz I barely engage Cipher in melee. Its because Cipher attacks Will and usually monsters have less will than deflection or fortitude. I basically spam Silent scream which has +10 acc, stuns+aoe dmg and it does insane amount of dmg + crit 2/3 times. If you ask me, I think Cipher OP too much. I made my Cipher dualwield with two fast weapons + everything to attack speed etc just to regain focus. Hes already done 15k dmg in ~11.5 hrs of combat compared with my barb, which is wery strong and barb done 55k dmg in ~60hrs of combat. As you see Cipher exceeds barb almost 1.5 times and he sits in backrow. Currently 317/364 crit/hit as I'm posting this. Dont get me wrong I love strong chars, but I love balance also. Give me tank, healer and 4 Ciphs and i can clear whatever you want basicly. Pardon my bad english.
  6. I wonder, how many more broken items in this game... Oh, and nerf Cipher btw pls
  7. Animancer's boots In game description: Minor spellbind: Jolting Touch. Grants Jolting Touch Shock Proofed: +3 Damage Reduction (Shock) 3 per rest First i didn't paid attention and just equipped them on my barb. Then in some fight i just "whoa wtf???" Effects: Target Shock (base 55-75) +2 additional target jump, 3 charges per rest. My Barb with greater frenzy buff+inn might buff+items has 30+ might and hits like ~130 dmg +2 additional targets for ~90 dmg. And can cast 3 times in a row...Basicly I win button. Im asking just because Mage's equivallent spell Jolting Touch has only (base 20-35) dmg. Another broken item or intentional...? Btw, +3DR Shock on these boots seems also weird... It adds +12 on my barb, +3 on Eder (which is correct), +14 on Kana, +8 on Durance, +11 on Grieving Mother and +11 on Aloth... Seriously wtf with items in this game? Screenshot attached.
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