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  1. Yep, most patch notes do not include every last thing. Usually just the highlights. Or, some dev would be stuck writing a small novella every time a patch was released.
  2. Wow! A combination of cloud syncing, a faulty save file, and multiple systems using the same Steam account. That's cool that the problem was investigated and resolved. Nice!
  3. Hmm, if you encountered it KracsNZ, then it happened. Its just rare. I would keep this open for a bit longer, at least until 1.04 (official) or 1.05.
  4. Please post your saves via dropbox or similar so the devs can look at it. I would include a save that is broken and the save that is working.
  5. Here is an interesting observation. I don't have the beta option for my version. The only beta option listed on the beta tab is "none" I have the "Royal Edition" installed. Core OS is Windows 7 x64 Pro How can I start using and testing with the beta builds?
  6. I really think this is a very effective approach. Rather than releasing patch after patch blindly, a beta patch program with major fixes (to a point, else it will never get released) and a spattering of minor fixes for those willing to try. At least when they formally release 1.04, it will hopefully be pretty solid (but with known issues). Then, 1.05 will go to beta and we can beat on that one.
  7. Wow, Great problem description. I wish others were as thorough as you have been.
  8. From the sound of that, this doesn't look like a configuration issue anymore. This sounds like an issue with the core save/load codebase. In yours and others cases, its following a different path than some of us. The question now becomes, why? Sounds like the devs need to take a very careful look at the code that touches saves and figure out what is going on. Can Obsidian push a dev version that has debug enabled and can dump info on the whole save/load process?
  9. Well, no wonder Obsidian is having so much trouble. There doesn't seem to be a unified version of the game. And if the systems Obsidian QA is using don't match up to the rest of us..... It would seem that the first step is to figure out why the disparity! This save game issue is very pervasive, from the amount of forum and board traffic I'm seeing. I'm also running Windows 7, and haven't hit this issue. So, why is my system different? Someone needs to figure out why these systems are different. Are there subtle setup differences in the original installs? Did installing the Beta (Original) change things? I'm betting (from experience) that some build made configuration entries that are no longer used and the released game installer didn't not perform effective cleanup. It's time to start some good forensics Obsidian. Hey nPHYN1T3, does your registry settings reference the offending locallow directory? This is a mess.
  10. This seems to be more in line with the issues experienced. I would give this a try.
  11. The devs left a little note on the patch notes for 1.04 apologizing for their seeming lack of responsiveness. They are really busy. I can believe it.
  12. I would prefer not to disclose such information. I hope you will not be offended. Nope, not offended at all. Just curious. Cheers
  13. I saw that Obsidian is pushing patch 1.04 now. See if that addresses your issue (and everyone else who is having this issue) [Crossing Fingers]
  14. My money is on changed save validation code since this area was probably tweaked to retroactively fix save games from initial release. Is there a way to dump debug that will shed some light on the issue? There have been hints that some Linux users are also hitting this issue, which points back to internal save validation code. Maybe its too sensitive and exhausting retries. Only way to know for sure is to get the validater to dump debug and then re-scan the saves directory. See if someone can whip up a way to instrument this area of code and push it as a hot fix so you can debug this.
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