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  1. Hi Sking, Sorry no, I should of updated my previous post, as I tried to reproduce it after making the post but couldn't (including downing other charmed party members, about 10 different attempts against the next Fampyr I encountered). I had overwritten the save for that fight, so had to try reproducing it on another fight. Whatever the issue was it must be triggered by a combination that I can no longer reproduce (i.e. maybe he had another effect active etc...). Maybe close this bug, and if I encounter it again I'll make a more detailed post including a save game. Cheers.
  2. Platform: PC OS: Windows 8.1 Version: Steam (??? is there a version console command?) Difficulty: hard Location: Endless Paths of Od Nua Level 8 Effect: Fampyr confusion? Party Member: Aloth Description: Aloth was confused at start of fight by Fampyr, he equipped his rapier and attacked Kana. Kana 1 shot him with his arquebus putting him on 0 stamina/200 health. At end of fight party comes out of combat, Aloth still downed and can't be interacted with. Sorry, didn't check whether a save/load would fix the issue.
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