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  1. Could it be possible that for whatever reason you have no writing permission inside the game save folder? Try deleting the folder and recreating it manually. And then check the permissions to see if you have Modify, Read, Write, ecc.
  2. Affected a lot of people who posted in the technical support forum. I had no stacking and no double clicking (never even occurred to me to double click) during the portion of the game I played. And I save/load a lot. I know because I checked the stats after reading about the bug. Nothing out of the ordinary. Edit: oh but I had 2 crashes during start up, just a moment before the main menu.
  3. Bump. Still happening. And about confusing the issues, I was not. I just tried using the "fix" for the other problem since both are voice over related.
  4. Even if they don't have a publisher that pushes for release, after a while the money from the kickstarter and their personal funds will end. Then what? Do they go on developing under some shoddy bridge with fake cardboard-box computers?
  5. As long as I don't have a massive spyware client on my pc, I'm fine getting patches a bit late.
  6. Well, let me put it this way. I created a Ranger. Rather quickly. Then I finished the first chapter at hard. Just to get the gist of it. Now, while waiting for more patches to fix stuff, I recreated the same character over and over again, changing stats, backgrounds, **** like that. I think I might have spent at least 20 hours in the character builder alone and I'm still not 100% of what I'll create for my real playthrough at Path of the Damned.
  7. its hard for many folks to like a class the is clearly under powered I like the idea of the class, not the damage output.
  8. Maybe you could play them because you like them? I always play a ranger or archer class, never bothered to see where in the scale of power such class is in the games I'm playing.
  9. Well, first of all if there's a patch it's a good rule to install it because it might have stability improvements. Second, you could try downloading some save game, or getting some from someone just to see if the game starts.
  10. So, I take it you never apply a patch to a game you bought. Because, that would make the games different from what you purchased.
  11. Well it kinda is a bug. Either they didn't create any kind of plot progression check for those dialogues, or they are there and do not work.
  12. Regarding locks, I think the game uses the character with the minimum mechanics needed to open the lock.
  13. I don't mean to be rude, but if that thing in your signature is supposed to be Italian, you are way, way off.
  14. Screenshot your character looks awful. You need a very high level of antialiasing for it to not look pixelated.
  15. I didn't like DA:O portraits. The background were awful. I never understood where the light was coming from. The expressions were lame. And overall the result never satisfied me a single bit. 2D is so much better.
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