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  1. I guess I never considered this a bug and therefore didn't post it there. I did provide spoiler warnings though because I knew this wasn't a spoiler forum. If a mod wants to move the topic, they can. I would be perfectly fine with that.
  2. Spoilers in the non-spoiler forums. And I said "minor story and companion spoilers" right there in my subject line. You're welcome.
  3. I got Grieving Mother to join my party before starting Act II. I haven't encountered Pallegina yet. I should also note I was level 5 when I got Grieving Mother to join my party.
  4. So I entered Defiance Bay and discovered that's how Act II starts. Me being the typical completionist OCD RPG player I decided to reload prior to that and explore the other parts of the Dyrwood before continuing on to Act II. This is standard operating procedure for me with RPGs. I never progress the story until I've realistically done everything I can up to that point. I know many other people who play this way so I don't think what I do is strange or odd as far as RPGs are concerned. Anyway, so I decide to explore the Woodend Plains and encountered Sagani there. She joins my party. She tel
  5. THIS IS RUINING MY WHOLE DAY!!! (well maybe not the whole day, but right now it is. T_T ) EDIT: Something seems to be happening!
  6. When I was young, I decided that I'd never buy a game I could beat in a single rental or a single night. The games I said this about? Metal Gear Solid and Devil May Cry I gave up that policy pretty quickly. And it ultimately hit home when I looked at games, mostly multiplayer, that I had hundreds and hundreds of hours in and that really didn't do anything for me but kill some time. And I've come to value shorter experiences that use that time well over longer experiences that don't. 12 hours is even longer than many other games I do value. As long as it doesn't waste my time.
  7. I imagine that's someone rushing through the main campaign. If not, that's disappointing because that's only 4 hours longer than it took me to beat Costume Quest.
  8. Probably not up to Obsidian. Should bring it up with Ubisoft.
  9. Steam URL: http://store.steampowered.com/app/213670/ Unfortunately I won't be pre-purchasing this game. I was looking forward to it, but I'm not paying $60 for PC games. I know it's out of Obsidian's hands but I have my principles. You see, the reason why games are $60 on consoles is because the publisher has to pay a license fee to the platform holder. That cost is roughly around $10. This is why PC games have historically been $10 cheaper than their console counterparts because there is no platform holder on PC. No, Microsoft does not own the "PC platform". Now publishers seem
  10. I'd pitch in but I can't afford it. Hell, I can't even afford the $8 it takes to join that Obsidian Order thingie.
  11. The use of the spelling 'cipher' makes me immediately think of a spy or secret agent or something.. But yeah, they probably mean psionics. Either way, sounds cool to me.
  12. In my post 'Dihrwood' is how I was phonetically spelling 'D├╝rwood'. wasn't sure how else to do it.
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