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  1. I can confirm the bug was not fixed. Lost voice sets on adventurers recruited both before and after I installed 1.04.
  2. Congratulations on a successful launch Obsidian! The game is having a great reception, so far. I will reserve my final opinion for after I finish it, but so far it feels very solid. We'll see, it might even exceed my expectations. Anyway, the incline is real!
  3. OK. I pledged for the $65 boxed edition. Which digital edition am I supposed to get with that? I got Champion, but my Order Summary says I should be getting digital items from the Royal Edition. How does it work?
  4. Ohhh...I don't really like this update. The monk is just...I just get the impression that someone (Sawyer?) was trying to be too clever. For me the way the monk works is completely unintuitive. Why would you get stronger when you're getting your ass kicked? Is this some kind of magic? It's not clear. Unless, of course the monk should actually be called the masochist...you know, thriving and at his/her best when in a lot of pain... Now, I admit the concept is interesting and will add (superfluous in this regard?) sophistication to the combat system, but at the same time it feels very unnatural. For me, at least. The Culture Concept is OK. I also noticed it reflects the currently popular view that women have no breasts (beacuse if they did, it would be sexist). Good job.
  5. I haven't posted for ages on this forum, so let me just say the video is brilliant. I could nitpick, but I won't: this is a WIP and as such, it's good enough to show Obsidian is on track to give us a great RPG. Can't wait for a combat demo video. It will be much more important.
  6. Hmmmm...Maybe the animation is really slow. I'll try looking at the image for 24 hours and will report back with the results.
  7. Oh come on! What's with the tease at the beginning? I was expecting to see the scene animated before the end of this update. Grrr, i feel tricked And then you announce that future updates will be less regular and give us a dungoun concept art that is only slightly bigger than a thumbnail...not the greatest of updates. I appreciate the insight into the production stages, though. You new to the Internet? Jobs
  8. This is an excellent update! I always play melee characters in RPGs, so this particular mechanic I welcome with open arms. Perhaps it will even make sense to make an all melee party now...exciting :] I wonder (as do some other backers) how this will work with long range pole weapons, e.g. a glaive. Any thoughts on that Josh?
  9. Great update. Thanks. I like the idea of detailed character models.
  10. Nice update, again. And i don't mind it being a bit vague. What I get from those frequent updatres is that Obsidian just want to stay in touch with us, give us something to think about and comment on. Good stuff.
  11. I strongly disagree. Realtime is for Biodrones. He should play it in turns!
  12. In Serbo-Croatian: Projekt Vjeńćnost. But hey, judging how difficult it is to learn languages by comparing Slavic languages is kind of cheating. That's why I wasn't entirely serious
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