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  1. I am not a game programmer, but for games that do not require extensive optimizations I would assume most of what you mentioned is abstracted in their engine code and could be fairly easily replaced with a moderate performance penalty. The Battlefield 4 team mentioned that they were able to use regular expressions to convert DX11 to OpenGL during compiling (which is impressive). I am very pleased that PS4/XB1 decided to go with a PC architecture. Programming exotic hardware like the Cell was not for the weak willed. Sure we will not see incredibly improvements over time as we did with the
  2. Obviously I am exaggerating for effect. But to port a game to PS4 PC's architecture, if it does not require optimizations, is very straightforward process. The team behind 'Warframe' mentioned how quickly and smoothly porting was for them, and as The stick of Truth does not push the hardware, I can only assume it is a relatively easy process. Either way, I want it. I want it really bad.
  3. Would the fine folks at Obi-Whatever please release this extraordinary game on PS4 so I don't have to get back my PS4 back from my sister's kid. It takes about 8 hours to port a PC game to PS4 so if enough people complain to them, they will probably do it.
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