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  1. Graze system seems really exciting. Overall The AC system seems to work just like the way I want it to work. If cooldowns end up being rest based I will be even happier.
  2. In BG2 there were some interesting quests related to dead party members, so this kind of missions can definitely add something to the game. I sometimes let NPCs die if there's a way to resurrect them or if I'm not planning to take them along permanently. However if the game doesn't have possibility for NPCs to die permanently it breaks the immersion for me completely.
  3. Congrats! I still can't believe that they raised over 300k over the last 5 hours.
  4. As long as the two cities are really different it doesn't matter to me that much whether the cities are on top of clouds or in the deepest pits of abyss. Maybe the cities should be inhabited by different races? And it would be nice if at least one of them is next to an ocean.
  5. I sure want those playing cards. Obsidian has really planned the pledge tiers well, since I'm really considering pledging over 100$ even though originally I was perfectly fine with the simple boxed version tier.
  6. One of the most important thing about joinable factions for me personally is that they should have some kind of requirements, especially when the player begins to rise in ranks. One of the most disapponting aspect of Oblivion was that you could actually become a grand master mage without knowing anything about magic. In Morrowind every faction has specific requirements for every rank and achieving those ranks really made you feel like you have accomplished something and it was virtually impossible to join every faction and rise to the top. PE should have similar rank requirement system than Morrowind had.
  7. I approve almost all the poll options, although I'm not sure whether eating is really a necessary feature in PE. Majority of voters seem to agree that the game should not display reputation modifiers or skill thresholds and I also agree - Fallout did this perfectly. Please, Obsidian, do not tell us how much charisma we need to persuade someone or how much lockpicking skill we need to open a certain lock. Pretty please.
  8. BY quickly reading the OP I didn't understand the question.
  9. I kind of like the idea that some NPCs would require payment to stay in your party or that they might occasionally just out right refuce to give some valuable item to another party member. It's also very exciting when NPCs craft something without player directly instructing them to do so.
  10. I don't like the term "minigame" if that means a separate little game inside of the main game - I don't want those in PE. But it'd be awesome if getting drunk would lead to a special quest.
  11. Critical hits and misses should have adverse effects, but I'd prefer them to be quite minor ones, like decrease of movement for a short time, disarming of a weapon or an injury that can only be cured out of combat. Stun, blind and fear might also be fine, but only if the effect does not last longer than one combat round.
  12. I've always been completely happy with the walking speed in Infinite Engine games. Sometimes it take a long time to walk from one place to another, but I would be far more bothered if the game would allow instantaneous travelling.
  13. I'm so excited that the graphics in this game are going to be an awesome painted 2D with animations - it is going to look magnificent. I think that the low-intelligence chracter dialogue would have been an excellent stretch goal in kickstarter, but I'm glad that it's going to be included in the game nonetheless.
  14. I'd enjoy all the poll options, but still this is a fantasy game and magic has probably played a major significance in the politics and social issues in this world. A bad example on how to implement both realistic themes and fantasy into a game is Lionheart, which didn't feel immersive at all since fantasy and realism were mixed together in a confusing way. In Arcanum this interaction between realism and fantasy worked much better.
  15. I'd also like to see the pickpocket skill been more emplasized than in most infinite engine games. Usually there's only a few unique items that you find only by pickpocketting and from a players perspective it's extremelly rewarding experience when you are able to find an unique item by pickpocketting some random NPC. I think it's a good design choice to put noncombat and combat skills under separate development points. I'm not sure whether it would be a good design choice to eliminate the experience gain from killing monsters entirely. I agree that the main pool of experience should be gained from completing quests but players also feel rewarded when they are able to defeat some really tough enemies and gain significant amount of exp from them.
  16. I will be really disappointed if ranged weapons have infinite ammunition. That would completely ruin the game for me.
  17. I just love how the OP tries to lead people to the "right" poll choices by overemphasizing the dullness of carrying 15 weapons around - and this many people still chose that option.
  18. If the Kinckstarter projects will be successful, there will be Arcanum 2 as well. Fargo is already planning the next Bard's Tale title and when there old devs plan on their future titles, an Arcanum sequel has to be quite high on the list - right behind Planescape:Torment 2.
  19. Maybe gain experience faster like in BG titles, but no other benefits.
  20. Since this is going to be M rated game anyway I don't see why children would not be killable.
  21. I assume Obsidian is going to go similar direction to the BG titles - basic weapons are basic, weapons with magic glow a little and really magic stuff glows like 1000W lamps. I'm cool with this since it's supposed to be high fantasy. I also trust that weapons will have an overall simplistic look to them.
  22. The question of free will does have very little to do with individuals physical limitations. The question of free will is mainly centered around the question of whether a person can make rational desicions or whether his actions are only a concequences of deterministic factors that directly determine his behavior in any given situation. Neuroscientists have been able to determine that a person's brain has actually made a decision to perform a certain action 6 seconds before the person consciously makes the decision to perform this action. This kind of research results offer a really deterministic picture on the question of free will. Even in the fantasy setting the underlying question remains the same: can a person make individual judgments or are all his actions merely a sum of external factors that directly determine his behavior.
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