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  1. Russia is going backwards in there social responsibilities towards equality and discrimination. Whether it is blatant racism on the football field or there ridiculous new homophobic laws this is something we need to condemn. I have major concerns around the ideological route that Russia seems to be following...major concerns. Well, not everybody simply have the same definition of "forward."Their forward might be backwards to you, it's a strange place after all :D. It's also what makes the world simply not boring. Regardless, it's up to them to decide whether they want to change things
  2. I don't mind this thread, it's very different of what I usually see on the media Have to say, Russia is a very strange, strange place. But that's good, not all parts of the world should conform to the same ideology.
  3. No Naked Sagani of course ========== I don't really understand the CRPG game mechanics, since I play RPGs mostly for its story. IMO, PE updates lacks something weird. It needs more weird eldritch abominations, like a street giving birth in PST. It's just something you just can't understand. From what I've seen, the setting of PE is largely familiar (basically an exploration age Europe with Hindu twist). But I'm sure the devs will have some surprise for us, it's still too soon to tell. Other than that, I don't have complaints
  4. Just a side comment. <AP spoiler> It kinda works for good Thorton, seeing that she's the only person that didn't really backstab him or have hidden agendas. That makes sense if Thorton is trying as hard as he can to prevent her death and to be stricken by grief later, even so if you romanced her. She's positioned in front of Marburg's henchmen and will die regardless if Thorton starts shooting. To make it up, at least you can goad Marburg to death in Rome, and boy THAT is satisfying. But I agree, if your Thorton is douche/professional Thorton, yeah, it's a ridiculous scen
  5. All of it! It's the latest Obsidian game, and without artistic limitation from publishers and political correctness. Now, I don't say Obsidian should allow us to eat a baby's sphincter in PE, but leaving those two behind should give them a lot of room to experiment and deliver the story they always want to tell. It's already funded after all
  6. I predict yes. Even better, some modders could tweak the UI for Surface Pro 2 screen. But I doubt Obsidian will modify PE for touch screens, since it's outside the kickstarter scope, they promised a mouse-and-keyboard RPG after all.
  7. I would really kill to play Elder Scrolls: Akavir from Obsidian. An Asian-themed (not just China, could be India, South East Asia, etc) fantasy games from a developer that actually do research.
  8. Somehow it reminded me of this: http://youtu.be/1LwuT3MffEw?t=1m8s but with Obsidian staff =))
  9. Couldn't they make it like in The Sims 3? So if your character get a haircut, the engine will "snapshot" the 3D model and render it in 2D. In PE, I guess everytime your character change armor, the game will snapshot s/he to update the 2D portrait. Or if s/he gets a story-related scars or tatooes, etc. But I guess the quality wouldn't be as good as the hand-drawn portrait )
  10. Especially if it encourages lots of speculations from everyone.
  11. Shame the ultimate good ending of MotB sucked though since the wall didn't get torn down due to... reasons(though I recall hearing that it wasn't Obsidians fault per se for that one). At least the ultimate evil ending shows the the forgotten realm deities receiving their just desert with more to come in the future. It's DnD canon, Obsidian (and/or maybe the publisher) doesn't want to mess with the canon too much to avoid fan rage. Obsidian already took artistic liberty and violated the canon in a small way, like Myrkul's current whereabout and Gann the beautiful hagspawn.
  12. I wouldn't mind 3D cinematics for intro/ending, introducing new places, or introducing companions (a la JRPGs). But I reckon they will be too expensive, so 2D is just fine
  13. Digitalization. Can't do it in fiction since audience will get hopelessly confused about existence without the fleshy bits but that's what makes most sense right now. It also kills the potential for romances. Oooh? A brain-in-a-jar future? Or random human bits interacting with each other in computer cloud?
  14. A harder sci-fi space opera would be good to differentiate from ME series. Harder like, no FTL travel or something. I wonder how humanity will fare without FTL, cryogenics?
  15. What does one birthday matter? EDIT: Holy ****, that's actually pretty deep.
  16. The other writers will kill your loved ones, but Moffat will somehow reboot the universe. Again.
  17. Fallout New Vegas-level of "happy" is sufficient to me, you can't please everyone but there's still a happy overtone above all of it. I wouldn't mind rock falls everyone dies if there will be MOTB style expansion too
  18. It's getting better though, Sleeping Dogs portray Hong Kong quite accurately. Although there's a bit hiccup with casting a Korean actor who can't speak Cantonese as the Cantonese protagonist. I mean, the protagonist is supposed to grew up there from childhood, yet he speaks English instead of native Cantonese to everybody. It's so weird )
  19. Infiniternity Ooh that gives me an idea: ...infinitinfinitinfinitinfinitinfinitinfinitinfinitinfinitinfinitinfinitinfinitinfinitinfinitinfinitinfinitinfinitinfinitinfinitinfinitinfinitinfinitinfinitinfinit... As a border decoration, or mad man's raving.
  20. Naked Cadegund of course! For me, the best mods are graphics, UI, and bugfix/restored-content mods. Graphics mods like overhauled lighting, texture replacements, and many other UI enhancements. Of course they have to be lore-friendly. I'm a bit averse with mod that changes the story content, add unofficial story, or add imbalanced items. It's better to make a new module if people want to write their own story, don't incorporate it with the main campaign. I think releasing toolkit (like DA/NWN/Skyrim) is the best support a developer can give
  21. SEGA's Alpha Protocol 2 or spiritual successor from other publisher, since Walking Dead sells like hot cake using Obsidian's timed dialogue.
  22. Darkness of Eternity is sure good, but I'm not sure that the game will be exclusively "dark" since MCA said that dark fantasy is boring.
  23. what music app did you try? Google Play Music app is pretty, and pretty good For office, there's the official office365 from Microsoft (still not compatible with tablets yet and you have to subscribe office365 first, sadly) or WPS office
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