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  1. Here are some photos of Sochi I found on Reddit. Funny that you don't see this circulated in media. http://m.imgur.com/a/e6hHh http://m.imgur.com/a/Mlxmv They turned it into good resort IMO. Some redditors note that the ridiculous photos are from a hotel (Gorski Grand Hotel) that give discounts for staying in unfinished rooms. A bit of a **** response from a nice gesture IMO.
  2. Oh I LOVE lists, here's mine: 1. Mask of the Betrayer 2. Fallout: New Vegas + Expansions (dem gold bars) 3. Alpha Protocol 4. Planescape Torment 5. KOTOR 2 6. Final Fantasy Tactics 7. Final Fantasy XII 8. Persona 4 9. Mass Effect 1 10. Dragon Age: Origins
  3. I guess all those typings grow his biceps. Man he's so busy!
  4. You're talking as if Russia was an actual democracy where people had a vote as to what happens with their money. It's also a country that institutionalized homophobia and yet hosts an international sporting event supposed to stand for equality and fairness, not personal bigotry of a de facto dictator. True, ideally, I think Olympics should be hosted on some remote island over and over again, maintained by the committee. It's the most "neutral" and budget friendly way to do it. But then again, countries wouldn't pay the Committee as much as today, since it doesn't promote their tourism se
  5. While Cracked is an edutainment website, their latest article on Sochi is a decent summary of what's wrong with Sochi. It's not just institutionalized homophobia affecting the games. I particularly like the comparison between Beijing 2008 and Sochi 2014. Summer Olympics, bigger by a factor of three, cost about 80% of Sochi's budget. And you can't say China is a frugal spender either. I find it amusing that the budget of Sochi is the entire GDP of Guatemala or Bulgaria. Well, even though it's seedy as ****, it's still their money, if they can afford to spend money on some relatively-h
  6. I have no problems about gay activists voicing their complaints, it's understandable. But the overblown reaction is just not needed IMO, and it sets negative tone to most news I read about Sochi, when I just want to read something light about the Olympics. God forbids Olympics to be a happy occasion, I remember the same thing happened to China Olympics.
  7. Much negativity, even though it's a rare event where countries actually fight on fair arena. I thought the redecorated Sochi is quite good, certainly not the worst. Although I think they spread too thin with those 51 billions, not counting the corruptions. I do think the gay stuff is overblown anyway, to the point of Hitler insults. It's not like homosexuality is 100% accepted in the West, some states in US doesn't even legalize same sex marriage but you don't find people equating them with Hitler's Germany.
  8. The word brutal is the key. Brutes are normally carefree and undisciplined. I think even they can exploit weaknesses and fight dirty.
  9. Did we ever know why the Reapers saved the Citadel for last? In the beginning of ME3, they sacked the most militarily active races in the galaxy: human, turian, and batarian. They also have enough goons to conquer earth (converted batarians). They are also ONE mass relay away from Citadel. Conquering Citadel, the center of Galactic government would ensure their success. But they kinda ignored it. Massive plot-breaking hole? IMO, it's better if ME3 ended as cosmic horror story, instead of relying on space magic. The Reapers will always win, but depending on how much they like your S
  10. I think, for me at least, "maturity" means the story lets you think for yourself and create your own interpretations, like a proper adult. This is done with a great dose of subtlety and subtexts.
  11. I don't think isometric open-world RPG is THAT hard. Think of Arcanum, but now with more randomly-generated land for unimportant areas to save money & time
  12. I wouldn't mind a Japan-style RPG coming from Obsidian, since some Obsidian staffs did express their fondness of Chrono Trigger. I mean, an FF7 with less existential angst, dragged plot, and forced dramas would totally awesome. Other than that, ALTERNATE HISTORY please! Like, what happened if Hitler won or something.
  13. I think they can do that because battle is not the focus of Numenera, just like Planescape Torment.
  14. Anything but black-and-white quests, it's a total turn off, because it usually come across as very patronizing, especially if there's a political elements (governing ideologies, gender politics, majority vs minority, etc) in the quest. I used to like Assassin's Creed, but after AC2, the quests are pretty much "Assassins are noble freedom-fighting righteous rebel heroes, killing the creepy unhygienic incestuous dog-kicking shadow government called the Templars."
  15. DA3 gameplay kinda looks like Witcher 2... not so sure how to feel about that. And is that a warrior wielding a huge sword, wearing heavy armor while casting magic? I smell yet another Bioware Marty Stu , but I digress.
  16. My guess is until the backer site is up and running. We do have one tentative title though, it's Pillars of Eternity.
  17. Obsidian should make Walter White-like portrait. A meek, ordinary-looking old peasant but capable of doing heinous evil acts.
  18. Welcome to Obsidian side! They certainly ruined other RPGs for me You should play Mask of the Betrayer next and, if you don't mind a bit unpolished game, Alpha Protocol.
  19. I like villains manipulating me too Kreia The way she lied to me
  20. dat 7 o'clock chest hair Great stronghold :D, will be waiting for next update EDIT: A minor feedback for the WIP, there's something weird about the cart tracks at the main gate, it's kinda cut off.
  21. Actually a very good name, the word "pillar" is rarely used and it fits the acronym "PE" And it seems we get to wreck things up. Pillars are to be knocked after all.
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