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  1. True, but still, Obsidian made a very large game (60++ playtime hours) in 18 months, so I think PE deadline is not too ambitious or something And Gamebryo is not inherently "buggy," there are other relatively bugfree gamebryo engine games you know It's just that sandbox games are inherently buggy.
  2. I mostly commented on this statement, it sure sounded like you put homophobia above all, but good to know you're not that kind of activist
  3. No, what I tried to convey is there are many, maybe "better," reasons to ban a country from having Olympics other than not accepting gays. No, please re-read what I said: "Lol gay activists and their sense of entitlement. They think accepting homosexuality are the pinnacle of mankind achievement or something, and you're somehow condemned if you don't like them. Funny how that fits the definition of bigotry." I said that (most) gay activists are bigot themselves, because they themselves can't tolerate people who oppose them. Doesn't have anything with Iraq. And Iraq war is declared
  4. Just because they don't like gays? Really? You know that there are more horrible things than not accepting gays? And why is United Kingdom allowed to host 2012 Olympics? They invaded Iraq under false premises too, and oh, colonialization and mass-starvation in India? Are they not worse than not accepting gays? And why is China allowed to host 2008 Olympics? They didn't have the cleanest human right records (Tiananmen) after all, and far as I know, they don't like gays too. Lol gay activists and their sense of entitlement. They think accepting homosexuality are the pinnacle of mankind
  5. Well, Fallout New Vegas was developed in 18 months and it wasn't really stable, but it's certainly possible to develop a large scale video game in 18 months. Add 3 months for QA and beta-test, and another 3 months for post-sales bugfix, voila! "But Obsidian reused Bethesda engines and assets, while they started from scratch in PE" Not really, Unity is pretty good out-of-the-box and quite versatile in multi-platforming (Windows, Linux, and Mac). I doubt they modified much from it, like Bethesda with Gamebryo. Also, like other video game developers, I believe Obsidian uses concurrent pipelining
  6. How can you be not dissapointed in ME3 after seeing the Reapers saved the Citadel for last? HOW??? jk, I think DAI looks great too.
  7. DA2 and like almost every RPG ever. Why single it out? By Morinth choices I meant choosing Morinth over Samara. She's totally psycho, and you lose lots of contents in ME3. No, suboptimal choices are more common than you think, In FONV I could pick the wrong perks, skills, side with Elijah, choose to lock myself, or stop nuking factions even though I missed 2 bonus dungeons. In MOTB I could let One of Many to devour
  8. Bioware's gay characters are mostly fine, except Cortez, god I hate that man. He's so tacky I rolled my eyes to Utah and back. I mean: - He replayed the death of his husband in front of his commander and in public space too, with no earphones. If that's no attention-wh*ring and forced drama I don't know what that is. - You can only be nice and be nice to him. Why can't my ass**** renegade Shepard mock him because he's such an attention wh*re? - He never failed his job. Although being an attention-wh*re, he will suddenly die at the end of the game because you ignored him. - All other NPCs hav
  9. I played Dead Man Switch for a while, aaaaaaand... it was okay I guess. The story isn't really reactive I think, it's quite linear and my race and class of choice is only acknowledged, but not affecting the story. Shame. I think the combat is quite broken in normal difficulty. Tactical RPGs are supposed to be challenging even in normal, but my physical adept troll slaughtered anyone with ease. That katana is plain broken, the AP reduction effect is way too frequent. Also, there's no concept of "speed", even my "slow" troll could move as far and as frequent as everyone, steamrolling everything
  10. Obsidian used to be a Fallout game developer, until they took an arrow to the knee? I can not best you!
  11. True, Moffat didn't really develop the Eleventh that much. Contrast that to: But maybe I was too hard on both on them, I do still look forward to watching the 50th anniversary and Christmas special
  12. They did that with Matt... aaaaaand... it wasn't good. I dunno, something about Matt is off. Maybe the subtlety.
  13. I don't mind replaying PE in 2032 with updated graphics, 3D models, unofficial bugfixes, and nude Cadegund. So yeah, PE should include modding capabilities, mods are optional anyway. At least as moddable as Bethesda games (which executable can be extended even, crazy o.O)
  14. Genocide? Rape? That's grand, but when done mindlessly, randomly, or without hatred, they're boring. No matter how sadistic or shocking they are. Let me take an example of evil done right from real life. This ordinary guy: turned these: into Why? Simple, it's hatred. Hatred drove him to make Americans suffer, to force them to see what it's like to die and labeled as worthless collateral victims. What it's like to die while doing mundane activities and what it's like to die because of something that's totally not their fault. To be fair, the kid has a point: http://en.wikipedia.
  15. Worry not sire, Obsidian's companions are easily dismiss-able even though they are about to pour the hearts and tears. Just select "Let's talk later" or "I don't have time for this."
  16. It's not removed, it just works differently now due to the way the new quest marker system works. The correct format is "movetoqt [QUEST ID]". Thanks, I missed that one )
  17. It's probably because Skyrim has about 185 versions of the same "My ancestor/my friend/I lost/left his/her/my [quest item, likely an heirloom with sentimental value] in [generic dungeon], please help Mr. Adventurer!" fetch quest. I prefer fetch quests that can be handled rather painlessly, ideally without leaving the overworld, such as simply running an errand between two towns. To top it, Bethesda is so evil they removed "movetoqt" cheat in Skyrim. What the hell, Beth?
  18. Are you implying that healthy, strong-willed and independant woman is inferior to chauvinistic male pigs just because of pregnancy? It is horrible how Obsidian forums of today reek with patriarchal misogyny. Are you doubting biology and physics? Pregnant women just can't move much in battle due to the extra weight and awkward shape, have you seen pregnant women sprint and win? Pregnancy is a considerable handicap in battles, especially if you're fighting many enemies (both men or women) in their prime. Not to mention sudden illness like vomitting and mood swings. Definitely not good fo
  19. It sounds good on the paper, but wait until the game is extensively delayed and go over budget because Obsidian have to prepare: - speech when PC meet them for the first time. - speech after PC met them for the first time. (I mean, it would be weird if NPCs keep saying "Hi!" "Good Morning!" to you repeatedly right?) - speech after PC get "friendly" with them. for every lowly NPCs. Oh and? Those speech? They have to change according to the story too. So three sets before the city is bombed, three sets after the city is bombed, three sets after PC destroyed the bandits, etc. I think NPC as exp
  20. I always thought that the joke marriage in Fallout 2 is the best. Your spouse will always cling to you (can't be dismissed) and she/he WILL and WILL die in the wasteland because she/he is so weak. Not to mention they are so lovey-dovey to the point of silly. Other than that, I guess romance is fine, but I don't think most people will appreciate realistic romance because IRL romance is very complicated. I mean, I don't want to figure out why [virtual female A] is mad at my avatar all the time, even though we're a couple. Is it because of what I said? Is it her period? Is it because she wants t
  21. Don't worry OP, PE can be modded. Besides, I think the hardest difficulty + Expert mode will accomodate this
  22. Nope, I grew up in the States. I can hear somebody crying over their shattered Bulgarian(?) fantasy Me. Just kidding, anyway I forgot to ask earlier, What are the main difficulties and challenges that PE possess for concept artists? Is it the details and varieties that Mr. Sawyer and other writers set? Or is it something else?
  23. Only two tablets that can be used for productivity: - Any tablet that runs Windows 8 (RT is good, but x86 Windows 8 is the best) - Galaxy Note series ...because they have... PENS. *cue hallelujah There is a cheap Windows 8 tablet like advertised here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86JMcy5OqZA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgu9uo2UpPg This tablets can run x86 apps and can be used with stylus, mouse and keyboard. Pretty productive, and pretty good alternative to high-budget MS Surface Pro. ...but sadly it's not available in my country yet, so I have to go with Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, quite
  24. I want to enjoy PE as long as possible, so definitely Path of the Damned + Expert Mode. I draw the line at Trial of the Iron though, that mode is plain torture )
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