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  1. I'd expect that folks will play bleeding hearts for days and pretend like they are personally victimized by the attacks. People in power would likely take harder stance towards Muslims after this anyway. They'd be a fool not to, although they are foolish in the first place by accepting so much immigrants coming from war torn places, do they really think average people coming from impoverished countries will be nice and orderly?
  2. I care more about the story, and I think Pillars is a great opening chapter to Eora, they've introduced all elements of Eora perfectly, from reincarnations to the pantheon. However I think the writing can be very confusing, I find myself scrolling back and forth to previous paragraphs often, and the weird hard-to-spell names and its sheer amount don't help. I seem to fare much better on Obsidian's previous games like KOTOR2, Mask of the Betrayer, Alpha Protocol, or New Vegas, but I'm not a native speaker, so my opinion on this might be invalid
  3. I missed this reply. And this overreaction is the issue... Someone kills themselves because they realise you are you? Not a fun thing to read. Assuming they are both valid, if one involves some people being hurt by the poem and one involves no hurt, why not play it safe and go with the one where people are insulted? Are there other times where the game has something that mocks a repressed minority? If so, and there are people who were hurt by that then maybe. If you game had some (real-world) racism in it (such as the n-word) and the use of it added nothing to the story / characters, what would your stance be? If the choice is between no harm and some harm (however small), seems like you should probably choose the former. I'll try to address one-by-one. And that someone is now dead because of their foolishness, he doesn't go unpunished. What more do you want, should the man be castrated to appease the offended? What? Are you serious? What stopping this idea at the poem then? Should we stop creating something just because people can be offended by our creation? Are you aware of the fact that some people are living by trying to find and exploit perceived offense? Clickbait Media, Insurance fraudsters, Scam artists, etc. Following your logic, some people are insulted with Obsidian changing the poem saying that it's self-censorship, how can Obsidian appease both sides then? Do women still under protection of social justice? Because... These are sidequests, so they don't add to the story much. Should we remove it then? To answer your other question, my stance would be "*shrug*", and since this issue revolves around minorities, I'm a minority myself and I'm used to the fact that East Asian people are stereotyped in popular media. Seems like people need to grow a thicker skin, whatever color their skin is. Heck, I'm more offended by "Gamebanshee.com" tombstone for sticking like a sore thumb. I didn't expect a website address in fantasy game Obsidian, how can this pass through the fabled "vetting process"?
  4. @brucevc: Sorry, on mobile, don't know how to quote. What I meant is not "Ach! I'm being rude! I should kill myself for that" *jumps off cliff. But what I meant is that he killed himself from overreaction, presumably because he's homo/transphobic and so he overreacts. The moral of the story is, don't be whateverphobic and you won't overreact and run off the cliff. Certainly that's a reasonable take if you read the poem at face value.
  5. Hahahahahaha, I love these kinds of comments. Let me do the obligatory reply: You certainly care enough to comment and gave an accurate description on what happened to erika and Obsidian.
  6. Not for me, he killed himself for being transphobic/homophobic/etc. The moral of the story is don't be like him if you don't want to die silly. You see, there are many interpretations one can take from this poem. Some people think it made fun of transpeople, some people like me read it at a more face value (a man killed himself from overreaction). Guess what? Both are valid. Why should Obsidian prioritize one view from another? Besides, the game can be even *more* offensive than the poem, should the game be "deservedly edited" as well?
  7. Sure that will do, although I'm not really looking forward to the day Obsidian giving me their problem and I have to choose if my favorite studio will get sh*t from outrage media or if I like my content better than Obsidian, but sure. That is totally desirable.
  8. Although the change is regrettable, at the very least it's not Obsidian's content. So there's that. This, however, doesn't instill confidence in their future kickstarter effort. After all, why should I back higher tiers if some outraged tweet can change it? Especially if the tweet is coming from people who take offense to anything. If anything the original poem is about a drunk being homophobic/transphobic (or just being in stupor) and killed himself in panic, how can anyone take offense in that? The fictional man got his punishment already. What's worse, they replaced it with a mocking poem, pissing both sides. So no, I think this is worth discussing, but I try not to drag GG/SJW/LGBTQADASDKOASKDOA into this, it's just Obsidian and their baffling business decision.
  9. I think it's a combination of a budget, time, and engine limitations. Obsidian has to fulfill all their backer promises while working on a brand new engine from scratch. So it might be that the engine isn't capable of running very complex quests, or rendering a very complex scene, and in need of further development. Obsidian might not have the time or budget to design complex gameplay, quests, etc, because they have to design basic battle, basic conversation, basic crafting system, basic stronghold, basic prison system, and many things new. Remember that this is not AAA budget game. I'd say wait for the expansion pack or sequel. For an introductory game to a new world, I think it has done its job well, they have conveyed truckload of lore for successors.
  10. Sorry for triple post, I don't know what went wrong when I submitted my comment and I can't delete the extra posts...
  11. Hello, will this patch fix crash at the beginning of the game? Mine crashed after scripted interaction where you help Heodan while you are running from Biawac. More details here: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72035-crash-when-transitioning-from-starting-area/?do=findComment&comment=1606401
  12. Hello, will this patch fix crash at the beginning of the game? Mine crashed after scripted interaction where you help Heodan while you are running from Biawac. More details here: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72035-crash-when-transitioning-from-starting-area/?do=findComment&comment=1606401
  13. Hello, will this patch fix crash at the beginning of the game? Mine crashed after scripted interaction where you help Heodan while you are running from Biawac. More details here: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/72035-crash-when-transitioning-from-starting-area/?do=findComment&comment=1606401
  14. Stop hitting yourself. If you're not into inserting **** to transwomen, you're not guilty of transphobia. Male gay people are not guilty of misogyny for not wanting to bone women. Don't be silly, you can never *ever* please everyone, especially professional whiners. They will find something else to whine, and there are few moments of good ol' "forced conceptions" in PoE. What's more, it's fiction, not reality! No one is harmed! If they don't like it, they can buy something other fictions or write one themselves, not ruining something that other people enjoy.
  15. I understand your view but calling people who want the poem removed "terrorists" just seems like that's stretching it a bit. Ooops hahaha, I thought it was a figure of speech .
  16. Please don't negotiate with terrorists Obsidian, once you cave in, they will ask you to remove *more* offensive (to them) stuffs. And there are lots of offensive stuffs in darker parts of PE.
  17. Hello, I'm having this exact problem as well. My specs: Win 8.1 16GB RAM Intel i7-4790 Nvidia GTX760 Here is the complete log: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/91408850/output_log.txt I think the error is below this line: -------- LEVEL LOAD COMPLETE -------- Level = AR_0703_Ruin_Exterior.
  18. I think he was trying to convey that those characters are not sexually appealing in general sense. Child of Light is about a girl, yet Vavra put the game in asexual, because, well she's still a kid. South Park, while having sexual content, doesn't really have sexually appealing protagonists.
  19. Another terror attack tied to Islam... No wonder really, Islam is basically a more extreme branch of Christianity and Judaism, and both religions are too black-and-white already. At least in Christianity there's that dogma to turn the other cheek, so enduring pain and insults comes naturally for them.
  20. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/view/video-games/gamergate-interviews/12391-Glaive-GamerGate-Interview Also another serious person with serious pro GamerGate opinion Also from his testimony:
  21. I have to say this begs a very important consideration, why haven't any serious Devs or Development companies publically aligned with GG? It leads directly to the credibility of the movement and whether people want to be associated with it ? http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/view/video-games/gamergate-interviews/12384-Xbro-GamerGate-Interview Is an Xbox developer from Microsoft serious enough? While he's anonymous, he exists and is confirmed to be one of Xbox Developers. He doesn't seek fame or infamy, so he see no need to reveal himself.
  22. I don't think China will mind unified Korea as long as: - Korea doesn't collapse from the unification. People in North Korea are poor and brainwashed, and there are millions of them. Who's gonna pay for their rehabilitation and integration to 21st century? And expect rising crime rate and various social problems. In all cases, status quo is better than losing a wealthy trading partner (SK). - North Koreans stay at North Korea during the collapse. If you're a leader of 1.3 billions of people, the last thing you want is *more* people, which are poor and brainwashed as a bonus. - The US get out of SK, or at least stay where they are today and not expanding to NK territories. As you can see, reason 1 and 2 are also the reason why SK govt and Japan govt don't want reunified Korea, not just China really.
  23. Hahahahahha OMG I think this is the very definition of wrecked: https://archive.today/rhJpr#selection-5881.1-5881.60 I try to listen to anti-GG sometimes, but it's getting harder to wade through the excrements.
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