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  1. Good thing that conflict in Syria would be too expensive for the USA, less sons to be conscripted and sent to death As strong as USA today, I don't think they can risk a direct conflict against Russia (and potentially China.)
  2. Could be a company looking a way to advertise themselves A potentially legendary RPG like PE is a timeless advertising board, hell, 100 years later, somebody might still play PE.
  3. Thing is, the lore also said that the Maker resides in Golden city, which was desecrated by the Tevinter mages, turned into Black City. But that Tevinter Mage you met in Awakening said that the city wasn't golden when they entered it, meaning it was always black. By the time he said that, I rolled my eyes and thought, "here we go again, either the maker is a lie cliche, or the maker is evil cliche." Anyway, I hope that Bioware don't use cheap cliches to handle this maker, because I like the Fade and the religion in DA, among other things.
  4. I think yes, since DAI will have a lot to do with the Fade, maybe we'll get the chance to explore the Golden City? Hope they don't use cheap shots like "The Maker is eeeeeeeevil" or something.
  5. Why are people so concerned about the ending quality? The entire ME3 story itself is a total cluster**** since they have to rely on a plot hole from the very beginning. The massive plot hole is, why did the Reapers save Citadel for last?
  6. Agreed, ME2 had a cool ending and the last mission of the game was just one of the best things ever. I see where most of the hate comes from about ME3's ending, but I find it to be really exaggerated. Most people don't like how the choices provided to you at the end are unaffected by all of the choices you've made throughout all three games (which isn't 100% true but close enough). I for one saw this coming. I'm confused? Are you saying that the choices in the previous ME didn't make a difference in the final outcome of the last game? Yeah, whether you saved Krogans or not, G
  7. Beautiful CGs, but I do hope they keep giving us sadistic choices like in previous games
  8. Pretty They are better this way, DA2 elves remind me of that Na'vi folks from Avatar.
  9. Yeah, I kept asking the same question too, according to ME2, SR2 was supposed to be to heavy to fly on planets (with, I presume, Earth's gravity (1g)). Normandy did rely on space fueling station and Citadel's dock for maintenance, both have no gravity acceleration. But then in ME3 ending, it landed on Earth. But eh, maybe they upgraded SR3 to make it lighter :|
  10. I don't hate Joker, I just really don't understand the Normandy's design. It's wrong. Agreed :D If they're planning to make a spaceship that doesn't land, why bother making it so aerodynamic? I mean, wings? in space? for what? extra target? Normandy SR-2 is too... earthy IMO. It was designed like it was made for terrestrial flight.
  11. I was exaggerating of course. Didn't really use her very much when I played DA, and it seems that she's the only one approving most evil things I done. Wouldn't know otherwise. Which I found to be weird, she's supposed to be "I don't care" character from the looks of it.
  12. It's ok, she played one of the most archetypal characters in DA (it's right there in the name: Morrigan) which somehow got reduced to being a pouty, awkward, teenager with social problems. Way to go character development! This. I find it annoying to see that you have to do petty evil to gain her approval, which is a bit weird since she's supposed to be apathetic character.
  13. Was it ever the majority?I mean, Obama promised to shut Gitmo down, and the majority elected him. And now the Gitmo is still running and funded. Gitmo is a pretty complicated situation. http://swampland.time.com/2013/05/30/why-gitmo-will-never-close/2/ The article really shows how limited the President's power is. I see, I guess things are never that simple...
  14. Was it ever the majority? I mean, Obama promised to shut Gitmo down, and the majority elected him. And now the Gitmo is still running and funded.
  15. Ah. The old "I just failed so now you guys are all sub-****" response. Nice. Well, I'm sorry if my comments are not to your liking. I simply don't put Iraq debacle above or below homophobia.
  16. Thing is, I don't put homophobia as something unique to ban a country. If UK got away with helping USA in Iraq War, then I see no reason why Russia can't get away with homophobia. Don't get me started on China. They are all no better and no worse for me, which is why I disagree with banning Russia just because they don't like gays. Maybe I am, but my comments are intended to address OP's supporting Stephen Fry comment, until it got blown out of proportion.The first comment was supposed to be small sidenote, commenting gay activism and Olympics instead of homophobic law in Russia, comm
  17. I imagine that planning for mounted combat takes more planning than throwing in some animations. Particularly when you're talking about mounted party vs party combat. (Or party on horses and cows vs zombie trees wearing cloaks riding aboleths wearing gandalf hats). It would be really jarring if the world doesn't really utilize animal as a transportation. Maybe they will handwave it with "teleportation magic is much more practical," but even then it's stretching it. They should have some horses "parked" in towns at least.
  18. Or south into Mexico... They did put a lot of effort in polishing Petro-chico and Raul's story, so you could be right.
  19. Thing is, I find many gay activists behave like Mr. Fry, so might as well or maybe I was just bored and trolled, subtrolling Obsidian forums generates relatively well-mannered responses.
  20. Regardless, whoever participated in the war must take responsibility for it, including Saddam, US, Poland, UK, Australia, etc. Also, maybe... it's because... I don't like vocal activists! Shocking, right? Maybe it's better on my ears if Mr. Fry simply condemned Russia for not liking gays, but he overreacted by attempting to strip Russia from Olympics, just because they don't like gays. I dunno about you, but that's too extreme for me. And you're right, It's not a competition when they are all the same to me, that's why I personally don't like Mr. Fry's assessments on why Russia must b
  21. *sigh* I said it already, like invading Iraq? and found out later that they don't have WMDs? A war which destabilizes the entire Middle East region, and brought sufferings through war and revolutions? Could you imagine living in a city (Baghdad) where you could suddenly die just because you went shopping? Yes, that kind of destabilizations, car bombings, whatever. I find it no worse or no better than not liking gays, and therefore I don't like Mr. Fry's assessments.
  22. Hmmm, to prevent further misunderstandings, the "entitled" thing I said is for some activists who put gay rights over anything, like say woman objectification, buying from Foxconn sweatshops, fake WMDs, blood diamonds, etc. Gay rights is no more important than those issues, and I find it funny that Stephen Fry want Russia out of Olympics just because they don't like gays, while his country did things as ethically questionable as not liking gays and made it to the Olympics. Talk about over-entitlement. No, being gay or gay activists doesn't automatically make you entitled. I simply addr
  23. Well, I'm exaggerating a bit about being "bug-free," since it's rather impossible in large-scale games. Although, I still remember playing Civilization IV and Rockstar's Bully with no game breaking bugs.
  24. Yes, but not for thought-policing reasons like "YOU CAN'T HATE GAAAAAYS!" more like "You broke a promise that you made before entering this school." Don't say that! A drop of his sweat could inseminate men from all over the world. It's airborne!
  25. Yes, I'm sure the sixteen year old gay kid getting his head cracked open in the high school men's locker room after gym class only needs to be educated about why the jocks are uncomfortable with his existence so he can coexist with them peacefully. ??? Um, There are other measures to make them coexist peacefully without diminishing both the gay kid's and the jocks' point-of-view? Punishing the jocks for violence is one example, because they agreed not to do it in the school grounds before they enrolled. It also acts as a deterrence for people who will try to do the violence thing again.
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