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  1. I think the word "communism" has become pejorative due to extreme propaganda during Cold War, but the idea itself is just an unattainable fantasy that people should live free from money, social classes (**** the nobility or something), social hierarchy (you don't work under anyone), and law. It's not comically evil like gas the Jews or something, hence it's popularity among working class or poorer folks in many parts of the world. Although by this definition, the Soviet Union or China are anything but a communist state I think it's a nice ideal, but it failed horribly today. But who knows?
  2. I don't know, won't it get really confusing that the movement is super responsive in battle but have inertia outside battle? Especially when you have many battles in one map.
  3. No, I played the game on my friend's laptop. Poor sucker, bless her The performance gain from the Sims 3 is no joke though, it can run 60fps from her rather low-end laptop. Mood system is a bit weird, but I'll try to explain my experience. So your Sims have mood, and moodlets. The sum of moodlets will determine what mood your Sims have. Every moodlets have values. Some moodlets have +1 value, some have +3, etc. For example, you take a bath in a very expensive bathtub, you'll get a "happy+2" because the water jet is amazingly comfortable. If there's no other opposing moodlet type, your sim
  4. I think M$ hate is getting old, they're actually among the nicer mega-companies today, they're certainly no EA that's for sure. They're still involved in PRISM, but well, the US govt pretty much strong-armed all tech companies. 2.5 billions is a bit too much, but I'm okay with Azure-backed, multiplatform, Minecraft. Microsoft's strategy nowadays revolves in delivering their services (like OneNote, Skype, or MSN apps) on many platforms.
  5. Rather ****ty entry in the Sims series, thankfully I didn't buy it. - I miss world exploration the most from Sims 3 (especially on vacation and Island Paradise), and I doubt they'll be back in Sims 4. - Jobs are way over the top. - No pools, dishwasher, lameeeee. I don't think there are thieves either, no security alarm for them. - Dodgy AI. I made a friend and she starts knocking on my door every single day. On positive note... - Expressive emotion and cartoony graphics is a nice mix though, preventing uncanny valley. - Build Mode is much more flexible this time, I can have roof frieze wi
  6. Well, there are many cases IRL people getting mauled by bears because they don't realize that they're getting close to its cubs, even when they're holding a shotgun. But that's beside the point, I don't want or expect PE to be hyper realistic, but since health-stamina system is "realistic-ish" (you can recover stamina, but you can't mend broken ribs without resting, etc), I think it's wise if PE could take notes from wildlife encounters in real life.
  7. I don't know if this has been discussed before, but... I think with health-stamina system like PE is indeed more "realistic" than the usual health-point, IRL when you take damage you will get hurt (health -) and your stamina will deplete as well (blood loss, etc etc). So to complement that, I think encounters in wilderness (not lairs) needs to be more sparse but more dangerous. For example, you don't meet a lot of bears in the woods, but it's usually game over for you if you meet one unprepared. In current beta, I found myself spending all my camping resources before reaching spider cave, f
  8. DA3 is released on 21 November, I think Obsidian will try to avoid them to maximise sales. So I guess 21 December?
  9. I guess typical medieval entertainments, like festivals, jesters, maypoles and playgrounds, hunting, archery contest, magical equivalent of shooting range, drinking in bars, dancing, and narcotics for souls maybe.
  10. Funny thing is, In developing countries where you only make $200 per month, I say piracy is actually beneficial for a publisher, since they won't be able to pay $60 for a single game anyway, but you'll have their customer loyalty so they can buy your stuffs when they have money later on. Granted, there are also jerks who aren't paying a single dime even when they're rich. This is the reason why Microsoft Windows' mind share is very huge in China and other Asian countries. Anyway, to address OP's question: Hard to say, check the copyright policy to determine whether it's copyright infringemen
  11. I wouldn't mind Obsidian Assassin's Creed, the franchise desperately needs a KOTOR2 treatment. But I think this is backspace, that sci-fi concept Obsidian revealed back then. I think they revealed it to measure the audience reception.
  12. Beautiful pictures! Minor quibble though, isn't the round shack a bit too close to the water? It would be too damp for people to live in or to store goods, but other than that, it's really beautiful!
  13. As much as I want to experience post-nuclear war wasteland, I don't think Crimea incident will go anywhere. I mean, it's pretty obvious that Putin only wants the warm-water port, stoking political unrest in Ukraine to make it unappealing and uneconomical for NATO/EU to assimilate them is just an added bonus. Also, International law is a joke, there's only one absolute rule on international stage: might makes right. The US is a living proof of this, which is why I think Putin said it best: So as long as there's opposing force (China, US), Russia won't take drastic measures. The world
  14. I've tried playing DA2 with asian Hawke, and it feels SOOO weird. Nobody besides my noble family is an asian, so how can an outsider like me be noble anyway? Anyway, I think PE should have portrait from all races, but they should also add some NPCs from other races as minorities too to make it feel less jarring. Or they could add a racially-sensitive dialogues, a lone asian in a medieval society should raise attention, right?
  15. While the project itself it sub-optimal I wouldn't assume they don't like what they are doing or not making it quality. There's lots of MMO players at Obsidian (And World of Tanks ones) Oh I said it wrong, maybe I should say "outside their focus" games rather than "games that brings them money." I certainly hope that Armored Warfare have Obsidian usual narratives, I wouldn't mind reading Obsidian's take on politics and wars
  16. I don't think you need to worry, I think Obsidian is pulling a Jackie Chan, that is, developing something that brings them money so they can develop something-they-like-but-not-necessarily-popular later. Jackie admits that his Hollywood movies are just for money to fund his personal-favorite movie projects.
  17. Oh no no, I'm not talking about the fans , I'm talking about the games themselves. I know that enjoying something is not an indicator of intelligence. I enjoy CoD because of its blockbuster experience. However, storywise, CoD is rather stupid, like Russia invading US & Europe easily (MW series), or how South America hijacked USA's superweapon satellite with ease (Ghosts).
  18. Will it have Obsidian-level narrative? I wouldn't mind reading Obsidian's takes on politics and wars, and I think the intended audience (military enthusiasts) would appreciate that too, instead of those brain bleach CoDs. Even better if the world is fictional-but-very-close-to-ours (think Ace Combat) to make it hard to offend anybody.
  19. Try Alpha Protocol OP! It's the most authentic, gold standard douchebag simulator. Being an evil prick has never been so satisfying and guiltless. Currently not a classic, but it will be cult classic in the future. Mask of the Betrayer too if you want a good, surreal RPG a la Planescape Torment, but with less ****ty combat.
  20. Well I can imagine mages can be fat too, lots of them should be in middle-to-upper class. I can imagine lots of them didn't even lift ) Besides, medieval warriors (like Gladiators) are usually stocky with extra layers of fat, because they add protection. 1 inch of fat could protect delicate organs from glancing blows too. It doesn't have to be extremely fat, but a beer belly sort of body type could add more to immersion, if applied to occasional NPCs like older people, food merchants, or really rich nobles.
  21. I do hope that there is fat body type. Not only it adds variety to NPCs, I also want to be a fat godlike bastard.
  22. While I don't expect life to be smooth sailing for the minorities, but I don't think they have to live in misery and paranoia because of their appearance, since they have extra power to compensate that. Only a few would dare to strike a person who's clearly stronger than them. They could always band together like IRL Chinese and build their enclave in cities to keep themselves safe. They all can avoid small problems like going to funerals, etc. So I wouldn't worry too much about them.
  23. Ugghh...Bioshock: Infinite. Note to developers: if you want to approach a controversial subject (such as American exceptionalism, early 20th century racism in the United States, religious fundamentalism, class divisions, etc.), have something a little more interesting to say than, "See? All of these people are cartoonishly evil, without exception! Now go out and kill all of them!" Not to mention how pointless it is I mean, the game tried to be edgy by involving religion and social equality, only to find out it's not relevant and replace them by magical quantum mindf*ckery. I mean,
  24. As long as it's not black-and-white (anarchy goood, government baaad) and it's not heavy-handed (Bioshock: Infinite), I think it's a good topic to explore.
  25. That is very true, you are right...but fantasy worlds not only mirror our in pure estetical physical appereance. Like we compare cultures from PoE to different eras from our own and what implication that may have, so it plausable to assume the worst. Albino kids in some african countries are being killed, belived they are cursed, bring bad luck, their body parts are used in magical rituals, etc...some woman in hindu parts of india die evry year in isloation from exsaution and exposure to natural elements becouse menstrual cycle is considered unclean, touch from one may bring bad luck and e
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