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  1. Its looking like I will start with BG 1 & 2 probably. Thanks. Or Final Fantasy IX, which is the best jRPG ever made in my humble and always correct opinion From your list, Chrono Trigger, Jade Empire, Baldurs Gate 1+2 would be me first picks. Oh and Alpha Protocol, it is not a classic, but it's awesome I really enjoyed 9, I still can't decide if I like its better than 7 though. I was looking at Alpha Protocol and wasn't sure. Why is it so awesome?
  2. I'm in general agreement. Cool, thanks. Thanks everyone for your opinions! RPGs are my favorite genre of games and I truly believe that they have the most potential to elevate video games/interactive entertainment to true art. (at least to the general publics eye, I am already in the opinion that video games have been art for a long time already) I am actually in the process of writing/developing my own fictional/fantasy universe in the hopes of writing novels or developing/releasing games based in it. Just to give you guys a little background on why I want to play all of these games, in addition to reading fantasy/science fiction literature and historical/cultural folklore/myths/religions. I need source material and inspiration essentially. I am very much enjoying the discussion so far and I am glad I have found a community (thanks Project Eternity!) with well rounded and less elitist opinions. Keep the replies coming!
  3. I played the heck out of Morrowind, modded and vanilla, and have made MODs for it myself. I actually plan on replaying it once http://tamriel-rebuilt.org/ is finished. Daggerfall is definitely on my list and not being taken off Thats why I didn't list it. I also played the first Vampire: The Masquerade, got halfway through and just completely lost interest. Is Bloodlines better? BG, PST are must try. Gothic 1 / 2 are initially difficult to get into but well worthwhile. Proceed to IWD1/2 if you enjoyed the combat and art in BG. Proceed to Mask of the Betrayer (NWN2 xpack) and KOTOR2 if you enjoyed the writing in PST. Deus Ex is a weird and unique creature but worth playing for anybody. Don't bother with NWN1, Jade Empire, these are weaker games in the genre and not classics. Dragon Age / Mass Effect - you played ME1, so you can make up your own mind I suppose. These are made with a quite different spirit and design philosophy and aren't really in the same ballpark. BG / PST / Fallout represent in general the turn of the century golden age. If you want to try the older RPGs then Piccolo has noted many of the greats. Ultima VII has very weak combat but represents a good entry point with lots of exploring to do. Thanks for the insight, I have been interested in BG and PS:T for a while now and the general opinion is that they are must play. Are the Enhanced versions of BG 1 & 2 actually an improvement on the originals or do they just muck it up? I'm willing to pay extra for the better graphics and improved gameplay and tweaks. Also Neverwinter Nights, Jade Empire, and KOTOR are definitely low on my list, I only listed them for everyone's opinion and purely because Obsidian or Bioware made them. (They seem to be the go to companies for these type of games and are almost sister developers it seems) I actually started out with JRPGs and haven't played any since FF9 (I also played 7. The series has seemed to go in a direction that I don't like, but I've been interested in the older games) I've always heard great things about Chrono Trigger not so much about Chrono Cross. I don't care too much about graphics, but if there is an updated version I would prefer to get that. (e.g. Enhanced Version of BG 1 & 2) Noted. ??? What? Noted. Fixed. Also Fire Emblem Sealed Sword. You can find a emulator, if you're a naughty boy. I don't care about modding or tweaking. Too much of a time waster and if the game is that broken to need serious MODs or tweaks then I don't want to waste time fixing/playing it. (I'm probably a hypocrite for saying this but Morrowind was the unashamed exception to this rule) If the EE of the BGs is worth it I will definitely get them instead of the vanilla versions. IWD, dungeon crawler version of BG, noted. If its pure hack-n-slash and no story or dialogue like Dungeon Siege was, then I'm not interested. Then again, DS' combat was horrible. If the combat is addicting I could probably dig it. Ok FF5 and a GBA game. I heard that there was a lot of good JRPGs on the Game Boys. Will look into, thanks.
  4. Hey, new to the forum. Found it by checking out Pillars of Eternity (super excited to play this game). I have a confession to make though, I have hardly played any of the "classic" isometric RPGs out there! I have only played Fallout 1 and half finished Fallout 2 (I think I will come back to it with a new save). I have played newer first person RPGs (Elderscrolls mainly) and have rather enjoyed them; but I keep hearing about how these games are dumbed down and mainly for kids compared to the depth and storytelling of older games. I have had a growing list of RPG's to play for a while now and I want your help to separate the crap from what's worth devoting time to. I am mainly looking for good storytelling, morally complex choices, interesting characters and dialogue, deep engrossing world, and interesting or unique gameplay mechanics. Not all of these are isometric btw and there is some JRPGs on there too. Just give me your opinion of these games and we shall see whether I remove or add them to my "Games to Play Before I Die" list. Please give me more suggestions to what I have listed here too! (as old or as new as you want, as RPG-heavy or RPG-lite as you want, I'm pretty open to trying anything) Baldurs Gate 1 & 2 Planescape: Torment Icewind Dale 1 & 2 Neverwinter Nights 1 & 2? Arx Fatalis Gothic series? Dragon Age Series? Mass Effect 2 & 3? (played 1, thought it was decent) Chrono Cross? Chrono Trigger? KOTOR 1 & 2 Jade Empire? Old school Ultima or Might and Magic?
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